Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome in June..

No, my photoshop didn't appear like how it disappeared.

Praise the lord for free software like PhotoScape!

It's not only pretty good for enhancing photos (like contrasting and sharpening, that's all the noobish me know!), it gives pretty collage photos too!

I had quite some fun playing with it for the past few nights!
Let's see what I've done!
Working on some baby projects that I'll be teaching for a cause.
I'm so excited about it really!
Will share the information on how to get on the class once everything's arranged!

You can't believe this baby is now 7!

My cute little cousin on his first day of school earlier this year!
I just heard some pride from him the other day, he's the monitor in class!
I can't stop laughing, this favourite boy of mine is off on a good start, isn't he?!

Poor resolution, my only complaint of my iphone.
Other than that, I love it to bits!

A collage of my studio shoots before I go!

I am proud to be the model for my friend's newly-launched blogshop called Challures!
Love that name and the clothes are awesome!
I even bought 2 more after getting 5 complimentary pieces from them!
Do drop by and support them!

I heard they're providing free mailing if you sign up to be on their mailing list!

And one more great news to share!!
I've been wanting to share since a month ago, and I'm so glad it has materialised!
I'm an instructor for the kids scrapbooking class for Made with Love!
It's such a huge honour being invited to teach the kids!
Thanks Swee Ching, Elvi and Sandra for the invitation, I can't wait to start my first class on the 8th of June!
Here's a peek of what I'll be teaching for the kids' class!
It's called "Home Improvement"
Quite of funny, I wonder who came up with this funny name!

If you’re eager to add your splash of creativity to your room or private space at home, come for this super fun workshop as you complete 2 super duper home décor projects.
Have heaps of fun playing with tools and really cool design ideas as you create an interactive doorknob hanger and a uniquely decorated photo frame you’ll be proud to show to one and all who come to visit you!
Things to bring along :: tape glue, foam dots and scissors.

I'll be teaching on the 8th, 10th and 19th of June.
You check out the schedule for the class here.

And so, June has finally arrived.
I hope May has treated all of you as well as it has treated me.
I'll be working on my June schedule tonight. It's scary working on it, really..
5 photo shoots, 4 scrapbook classes, 4 days of modeling at Broadcast Asia, 3 weekends of flagging off the Panaflex campaign, more than 20 nights of doing the World cup event at Sentosa, not to mention my daytime job of teaching along with the Young Scientists' Day I'm organising for the kids..

All these are happening in June.
All in a month, all with me in them.
So, do pray for the health and energy that the Lord will bless me with! :)

Oh yeah, I've so much to update this post!! Hee
It's gonna be my 2 year blog-anniversary!
I'm preparing some little scrappy goodies to give away next week! :)
Till the next post, remained blessed!

Lynn :)