Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today Slave Yap reminded me to book my driving. He has been nagging me to book the lessons for quite some while. Arrgh.. Feel like a loser again! Cos I've been reminded that I failed my driving in May! I better pass it this second time. Moody Learner

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Broadcast Asia 2008 - One more day to go!!!

One more day to go! It's like a marathon for my poor legs. Today's a not-as-tiring as I still have the energy to blog an entry. This job is getting more interesting. First I met Vivian on the first day, then I met stupid junliang (the only consumer not working) yesterday and today. AH.. The life of a rich man's son! that's not all! Saw Kelvin today, he's working with churn yee, kian feng and other secondary sch friends. I think they feel damn sian after hearing how much we're paid a day! Now they're considering going for sex change operation. LOL And today let me continue the story.. Let me call it "The Ugly Human Nature" One uncle "stole" our freebies (notebooks) without permission twice. Exhibitors from neighbouring booths came up to us for the umpteenth time for free doritos. A man popped out from hiding to ask for free premium gifts (a nice bag of toiletries) after his close observation of me giving a VIP that gift, identified himself as a close customer of Singtel and begged for the gift. (after I rejected him) I had no choice but to give him when he started addressing one of the Singtel staff, Ben. And you know What?!! Instead of being contented with ONE gift, he asked for THREE!! THREE PREMIUM TOILETRIES BAG!! Tell me how ugly these people can get for free gifts. If you think this is all, wait till you read the highlight of the day. These two ladies from the mediacorp booth which faces directly, never once smiled at us. For the past two days, they lay low. Today, they came and conquered. Posing as the nicest ladies ever, they looked so genuinely interested in our technology. I genuinely wanted to serve them, even though I know they're exhibitors. I offered them doritos, they declined, telling me they find it "heaty". I offered them notebooks, they declined, saying they only love our F1 formula lanyards. I told them that we only have 2 on us and there's no spare ones since none of our Singtel staff wears it. Oblivious to that, they told us that we looked better with the orange normal Broadcast Asia 2008 lanyard and suggested that we should give our F1 formula lanyards!! How ridiculous! I'm so kind to go to the storeroom and give them the normal red Singtel lanyards. I thought this was good enough to shut them up when they went back to their booths. Instead, they spoke to us when we were on our way to our lunch break, asking us if they can get a whole bag of doritos free (at least more than 25 packs of doritos in each bag). I thought that was a joke. Until they came to us after break, with a BIG shopping bag, requesting us to fill the bag with packs of doritos. Amy and I, in the most polite tone, told her that we can at most give her 3. She looked unhappy but sorry, tell me how do I give the most fucking fake aunties bags of doritos! So what if the chips are sponsored by Singtel? They are meant to attract potential customers to our booth!! Not to feed disgusting people like you fucking aunties! We felt so made use of.. That feeling is horrible and it's still haunting me. PLEASE. tell me why people with a pride worth less than fifty cents are still living on earth. It's evolutionary I guess, thick-skinned and unscrupulous people survive better. Arrgh!! Enough about these fuckers! I've seriously never spout so much vulgarities in my life! The nicest people are in Singtel man!! Especially Priscilia and Jess who took care of us like sisters! I'll miss working with them after tomorrow! Gonna make a nice thank you card for them!! Goodnight!! Ms Earth finalist Vivian suggested that I should join, but seriously I dun wanna join a contest without knowing what the top prize is! These finalists are too environmental-friendly! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Broadcast Asia 2008

Today's my first day working for Singtel at Broadcast Asia. It's quite fun as we even had a TV interview with the broadcasters reporting on this event. It's gonna be screened in England though, this nice TV presenter is from nottinghill. Super cool! Saw the Miss Earth 2008 finalists. Goodness! Some of them really looked below standard. We're commenting that one of them looked even worse than my maid! with bucked teeth and she slouched throughout the turn out. Can't believe the quality of the contest. Then we had our 2 hour lunch break! Love our looooong break. Amy kept ogling at girls. I just realised she stalked girls on their blogs. haha Now she's influencing me to stalk a few girls. lol The job is quite fun. We get to meet many people from different countries! The highlight of the day! A caucasian man from a neighbouring booth kept coming up to us for free doritos (which we're giving out as compliments from Singtel). He made so many excuses just to get the free chips, lame excuses like "My colleague was unhappy that I ate up the whole packet of doritos and I need to compensate him" and "I'll be frank with you, I want more doritos!" Seriously shameless! But it cracked me up so much I actually look forward to see what he will do tomorrow. I'm really tired. slept for 4 straight hours once I get home. This is even more tiring than tutoring. Standing in high heels for more than 6 hours is freaking tired! The only consoling factor is the good pay!! Amy and I

I'm finally blogging

Late blogger's introduction. Why I finally decided to blog after considering for years. 1) I have more interest in going online. 2) I know how to key in a blog entry. 3) I wanna complain about the world when things go wrong. 4) I wanna praise myself when things go right. 5) I want my friends to know how I am doing, besides tutoring like crazy. 6) I am just feeling whiny right now. AARRRGHHH! goodnight!