Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini notebooks!

I've been scrapping a lot some time ago but I've no time to upload the photos! Really busy mugging for exams but it's my final year so I really want to give my best last shot! Just want to share the notebooks I made for my tuition kids! Photobucket For YZ Photobucket For SY Photobucket For SH Photobucket I'm so glad that they love it! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Embrace Myself

It's been some time since I've done a layout of myself. I feel so inspired after seeing Ingvild Bolme's work that I'm now a fan of Prima products! Photobucket The details: Photobucket Love what I did with the title. Cut the words out using my Slice machine, did a cuttlebug embossing on them and outline and highlight the embossing with distress ink. A good deal of work here, but it definitely pays off! Photobucket Photobucket I took out the crystals of the Say it with crystals and replace with crystals of a different colour to match the paper. Photobucket Photobucket Metal charm of a girl with a basket of flowers is a steal at some accessory shop in Chinatown. Photobucket My favourite part of the layout Photobucket Journaling... At 23, I'm still trying to figure out who I really am. After knowing God, I'm beginning to know more about myself. I realized I had always been trying too hard to be someone I'm not, to please people who didn't care about me and made my own life miserable. God taught me to embrace myself for who I am. Really thankful that he is guiding me to embrace my imperfections. I can't say that I've done that but I'm slowly but surly working on it. These thoughts came after Yappy asked me to define myself, in an unfriendly tone. Of course, kind advice from him always comes across as an ad hominem attack on my personality. I was angry, but before I started throwing a huge tantrum like what I used to do, I caught a deep breath and thought of God. Maybe, he's speaking to me through Yappy. I knew he meant well and yet I was unhappy when someone gave me a lashing on me. I realised that I'm too self-centered to only debunk anything negative about myself, to the extent that right or wrong did not matter. What almost turned out to be another major fight ended up with a smile the next day and hopefully, we could one day resolve that issue in the best way ever. I'm not saying that I know everything about myself after knowing God. I am just beginning to know more about myself and I'm still amazed every single day at how I am created by him and yet I've ignored his presence for the last 20 over years. Sorry for the long rumbling. If you've ever been displeased with a close friend for giving you unkind but real good advice, do not ever say anything hurtful in defence because you're not only hurting your loved ones but also hurting yourself for not acknowledging the advice God wants you to heed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy birthday Daddy!

Happy birthday Daddy! It's my Dad's birthday today. Even though he doesn't read my blog, I still want to honour him here as he is the one of my most favourite people in my life. Thanks for working so hard to provide for the family. I'm not sure if other Dads out there do that but my Dad never shows a black face the moment he comes home even if he has a bad day at work. It's something I am very grateful for. For having such a loving Dad. I love you! :) Now, on to my scrapping obsession... :) This is the Valentine's layout I did 2 months ago. I just realised I forgot to post it here. Love using the flowersoft on both layouts! I love the effect though it can be quite a mess trying to stick them on with the craft glue. The 3d effect is stunning, I'm most probably getting more colours to play with! Can't wait for my parcel to arrive! I'm gonna post another one of my favourite layout using Prima flowers. I'm now a Prima convert! Their products are absolutely stunning. Have a peek!