Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas frenzy

Hi, I've been so busy the past few weeks that I realized I've not posted for more than a fortnight! Anyway I've been scrapping quite a bit and I'll let the pictures do the talking! The bookmark my favourite little cousin, Ron, 'pestered' me for weeks! I added the train felt from Queen & Co because he loves Thomas trains. This is the closest to that I can find for him! Did these two layouts with Jillian and Shannon! I helped them with their layouts and they totally loved them! This is Jillian and her pink xmas layout! This is Shannon and her 'Bombastic Hair' layout! My favourite layout so far for this festive month! It is made specially as a Xmas present for Yap!! Totally love this reindeer! I almost forgot to put this up. My altered item of the month, DREAM. I love this word. The only word that brings me beyond my imagination. It is in this that makes life worth living. It's been rather quiet this Christmas. No presents, no parties, no dressing up and for the first time, no last-minute shopping. It's quite therapeutic to spend it this quietly in a such a tranquil manner. I'm starting to speak like an old lady, well I've always felt out of place. Like an old lady trapped in a young woman's body since years back. I'm beginning to accept this though. How's your Christmas?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Compulsive Gambling

The old adage notwithstanding, money is not the root of all evil, compulsive gambling is. To put it in dichotomy, there are 2 kinds of peope in this world, the first kind who gamble within their limits and the second who do not. Most of us, like myself, are the the first kind. You gamble when you make a wager with your friends, you gamble when you get attracted to bad jerks, you take a major gamble they day you marry your husband or wife. Point is, everyone gambles. When we are born into this world, we are taking gambles so we are the first kind of people to begin with. I'm stating the above because I'm pretty comfortable with the first kind of gamblers, being one myself. What I hate and despise most (at least for now) are the second kind of gamblers whom I affectionately call COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS. They are the ones who gamble without limits. They even dare to gamble what they do not have. Just like compulsive borrowers (shall be ranted some other day), they are people whom I refer to as people who lack foresight. They execute things without thinking of consequences but unlike law offenders, they are not persecuted by the law and so, 'sad to say that these people disrupt their own families and when desperate, may even turn to committing crimes. Am I exaggerating? I hope not, because I've seen cases of people turning to crime to feed their vices. These people devote their ives to making gambling their only job and when they lose, they borrow and pile up mountains of debt. When this happens, they leave their loved ones with no choice but to pay for them. Yes, I expect life to be unfair but it has to be reasonable most times, not? To date, I've not seen any gambler make a home out of a winning fortune, yet I've seen countless gamblers bankrupt and implicating their families and friends shunning them. It's sad, I know. That's why it has always been my principle NEVER to help any gambler friends with loans. I know I will do them more harm than good. They always give the same pathetic, desperate face but seriously, what right do they have to waver your heart when it is their mistake to bear? Today, is the FIRST and the LAST time I'm helping someone clear debts, not because I'm going against my principles, but it is for blood. This person implicated my brother into gambling. It will be my brother's first and last brush with this menacing habit. As for the compulsive gambler, I sincerely hope he will mend his ways. He looks like such a good boy, but he has an unforgivable habit. I don't care if I'm going to be berated for shaming them. I'm sharing this because I personally want to drive home this message, especially to compulsive gamblers, that gambling is an ENDLESS RUT. By being so self-centered, you're not only going to hurt yourself, you're going to hurt those who love you.

Friday, December 12, 2008

More scrapping!

Scrapping just keeps me at home on most days. With the economic downturn, I guess it's a relief that I'm playing with papers instead of shopping for dresses and shoes. A layout of Slave Yap & me. Did this for Jing's birthday. It comes with a card, but I forgot to take a picture of the card. LOL In any way, I hope the card with bookmark is more useful than just a card alone. Really hope I can do more for my good friend but I was really busy with exams. I'm definitely gonna make her birthday a more memorable one next year! :) Love this girl! She does not have the kindest words for you but you know she is speaking the truth instead of faking the niceties. This world really needs more people like her!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Living not merely for myself

I just did a layout on my outing with my relatives at Sentosa. It's one of the rare times we can get together . What's even more pleasant is that I ran into Miao there when he was doing a photo shoot. Being the kind friend he was(lol), he took some photographs for us! While doing the layout, I was having some random thoughts. Have you ever felt that the older you get, the more attached you will feel towards your family? I've this feeling quite some time ago. I love the cozy feeling of being at home, it's like a shelter I can run to whenever I encounter problems. It's totally the opposite a few years back when I was younger. I'll break house rules and run to my friends instead. These days, I'll reprimand my parents if they stay out late and stuff. Tsk tsk. I figured that I want to spend more time with my parents and enjoy being a Daddy and Mummy's girl instead of shaking my butts at some club. I'm not a clubber anyway, so this makes a bad comparison. Eh maybe I enjoy being with them than shopping? Logically, my true friends will stay by me for my life time but my parents will not. They've changed so fast, apparently faster than the rate my little cousins are growing. My mum was complaining of menopause aches and Dad was no longer dancing around me for more than a few minutes. Sigh.. I wonder how many more good years I have left with them before I move out and live my own life. My sister, Christine, and I are obviously not coping very well with this morbid mindset. We're taking every chance to stay at home to spend more time with our family. Unfortunately, the two other siblings of mine just simply have not yet shared the same sentiments. I'm celebrating life each day because I've a complete and healthy family. For the first time in my life, I feel the reason for living. Just love this feeling right now. :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Post exam thoughts

The past weeks have been really draining for me. I felt so relieved after my last paper on Wed but I have been really busy with other things. Went for a couple of casting which I doubt will be successful. My eye infection is still haunting me. And I just came back from a Sasa event. I am so tired that I didn't take any pictures except for the bookmark I made during the exam period. lol I'll leave you with the bookmarks I made for my aunt and cousin! Goodnight! PS: Rebecca, thanks for changing my blogskin for me! :)