Friday, February 26, 2010

No, Christmas is not yet over.

I know it's going to be March!
But Christmas is not really over yet for me as I continue to scavenge for bits of Christmas papers here and there to shelve for the next Christmas..
Some Christmas cards to share.

These two are my favourite cards!!
I can't bear to give them away so I gave one to myself and the other to the boyfriend. Eeks!

I must say I'm very proud of myself last Christmas to diligently churn out unique Christmas cards for all my loved ones.
I also wrapped the chocolates and cookies in cosy-looking brown bags tied with cute candy sticks.
I made more than a dozen cards for my students' families and close friends and relatives.
I want to do it again this coming Christmas with homemade cookies for a change!

Then I tried to organize my photo folders and realized I've TONS of projects yet to surface here and anywhere else..
So I came up with 3 stages of scrapping I went through.. lol

1st stage: Hoard and hoard but not scrap at all
Duration: 7 months
(I spent close to thousands but just had no courage to cut up the papers or use the pretty embellishments.. Thankfully I'm way past this stage!)

2nd stage: Hoard and hoard and scrap but didn't take photos of the projects
Duration: 3 months
(I was getting guilty of not using stuff I bought with my hard earned money so I decided to relieve that by scrapping a bit. I have no idea how to take nice photos of them, still struggling with taking nice photos now though.)

3rd stage: Hoard and hoard and scrap and take photos but didn't post
Duration: Ongoing for the past 4 months
(I'm still hoarding and scrapping and taking photos but I'm not posting up enough!! I've sooooo many projects to share but I just procrastinated and turned days into weeks and into months!)

I really need to get my act together, cut down on hoarding (which is quite impossible given the lovely new CHA releases that take my breathe and life away each time they arrive at the stores), scrap more (to clear the overcrowding ordeal I'm facing), take BETTER photos (since I've a DSLR now) and share them here diligently!

The lovely comments I'm receiving make me feel so loved.. Thanks a million for encouraging me to post more often!! Have a great weekend dear friends!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bumming around

The whirlwind of events finally came to a stop today.
And thus the time to settle down and re-acquaint with the internet.


That's the number of photos we took in a matter of 5 days!
Me and my new haircut. Love the messy fringe. Hee
My sis and her 'ornamental' bracelet. LOL

We get to entertain ourselves with playing the 'guess the number' game and the losers have to do these...

We started friendly.. Lucky aunt and cousin..

And it got out of hand..
Meet Miss Golden nose digger
and Miss Cross-eyed Hippo
The finale - my sexy brother at his best new year outfit

And so the rest of the Chinese New year days were spent rushing a Vday project for my best friend, shopping with my pretty teenage cousin from Taiwan and teaching the cutest 5 and 4 year-olds these lovely projects!
Will be sharing the photos soon!
How's your holiday so far? :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!

Today's a special day with double blessings!
It's the first day of Chinese New Year as well as Valentine's Day!

So here's wishing all of you a blessed day with laughter, fun and joy!

Have a fabulous day wherever you are! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #3 & some boring life updates

Good Thursday friends!!

I've been really busy with the CNY (Chinese New Year) preparations thus the MIA for a more than a week!
Valentine's day is around the corner (coincidentally on the same day as the first day of CNY) but I didn't get even a single Vday project done!!
I can't believe it but time just kept slipping past me and I've no means to even get proper sleep and rest recently.

So what's keeping me busy?

A swimwear photoshoot last weekend for a Hongkong magazine so I went through the dreadful motions of getting my whole body waxed, doing my nails and toenails, and yes, getting a haircut!!
I've not entered a hair salon for more than half a year! LOL
This shows you how lazy I am!

Preparing for my very first scrap class for little girls below 5, a session for one of the little princesses' birthday!
I have no idea that planning takes up so much time and effort!
I'm still trying to figure out what 5 year olds can do and can't do, just so I won't over or under-estimate their abilities to scrap up a storm!
Any kind mummy with 5 year olds care to share more on that?

I'm also preparing my students for the upcoming Term 1 tests which are definitely going to suck years out of my already-shortened life!
Arrgh, that's the real pain!

And the procrastinator streak in me continues as I have not yet finished organizing my room.
I just don't have the heart to throw my precious books, scrap supplies I don't use often, clothes I don't wear anymore, old gadgets like my first cellphone, and other lovelies with sentimental value..
They mean SO much to me, the thought of housing them in the dumps just doesn't sit well with me.
Can you feel the agony in me?!
Lastly, I've been thinking of starting something that I've been contemplating for months..
I've no confidence if I can handle it but I know my life will be full of regrets if I don't even get it started..
That requires a large investment and I need lots of planning and energy to do it..
So if you've a teeny weeny time when doing your quiet time, will you please pray for me?
I'll be really grateful for that! :)

I still have more Webster's pages to share!

Challenge #3 for Dirty Scrap is up!!
Broken, that's the key word for this week...
we all have broken relationships, whether it be an ex boyfriend, an ex husband/wife, a broken relationship with a friend, or even God.
So this week's challenge is to scrap a broken relationship. Heck you could have broken off your relationship with cigaret
tes, or Dr. Pepper! LOL
Make the challenge work for YOU, after all its' YOUR book and YOUR page, just get down and deep or have fun and make it light~

This is my take on it!
My hidden journaling:
Why should we be depressed over the people of this world who will sadly but surly fail us?
Why should we be depressed over not having what we really want but do not need?
Sometimes, we're just too comfortable with the feeling of being depressed simply because we dare not face the road ahead bravely.
The day finally came when I decided to get over the ruminating, the depression and the uncomfortable comfort of living my life this way.
Days of turning in and waking up with suicidal thoughts have now converted into days of turning in and waking up with thankfulness and the assurance that God & his unfailing love will make things right.

Now go get DIRTY!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February GDT for Webster's Pages

Have you checked this out?

These are the layouts and cards I did for Webster's pages as their February guest designer! Needless to say, they're my favourite layouts of the moment!

life . beautiful

Everything I find beautiful about nature is housed right here in this layout.
Butterflies, the beautiful tree from Nature's storybook, roses and leaves, me and the boyfriend, laces and the blue misting from Tattered angels that make the sky..



Beauty Queens

These papers are perfect to pull off a glamorous and dreamy layout like this!





Cherish this love

I love ALL the trims from Websters.
They're so gorgeous I need a layout to focus on them!

One of the Valentine's gifts I'm planning to give to my boyfriend.
Sometimes we need to remind each other to cherish this love that is not easy to come by, don't we?



birdcage thanks card

xoxo card

This is my favourite card of all!
I embossed and cut the bonnet for the cute mannequin and decorated it with beautiful pearls and Webster's pink trims.
I also used my favourite flower lace trim from Webster's.
It's really really gorgeous I tell you!

I apologize for the long post but I'm just too excited to show you what I've done with the beautiful papers!

Of course, I shouldn't sign off without gratitude..

Special thanks to Joanna for following the sneak peeks!!
I really appreciate it alot!
You've gotten Sneaky peeky 1 and 3 correct so I'll be mailing out your RAKs soon!! :)

To the kind souls who drop by often, thanks a million!
Your comments and well wishes are vital to keep me going. :)

Do join the vibrant community at Webster's to post your work there.
They're the loveliest bunch of ladies to share your work with!!