Friday, February 26, 2010

No, Christmas is not yet over.

I know it's going to be March!
But Christmas is not really over yet for me as I continue to scavenge for bits of Christmas papers here and there to shelve for the next Christmas..
Some Christmas cards to share.

These two are my favourite cards!!
I can't bear to give them away so I gave one to myself and the other to the boyfriend. Eeks!

I must say I'm very proud of myself last Christmas to diligently churn out unique Christmas cards for all my loved ones.
I also wrapped the chocolates and cookies in cosy-looking brown bags tied with cute candy sticks.
I made more than a dozen cards for my students' families and close friends and relatives.
I want to do it again this coming Christmas with homemade cookies for a change!

Then I tried to organize my photo folders and realized I've TONS of projects yet to surface here and anywhere else..
So I came up with 3 stages of scrapping I went through.. lol

1st stage: Hoard and hoard but not scrap at all
Duration: 7 months
(I spent close to thousands but just had no courage to cut up the papers or use the pretty embellishments.. Thankfully I'm way past this stage!)

2nd stage: Hoard and hoard and scrap but didn't take photos of the projects
Duration: 3 months
(I was getting guilty of not using stuff I bought with my hard earned money so I decided to relieve that by scrapping a bit. I have no idea how to take nice photos of them, still struggling with taking nice photos now though.)

3rd stage: Hoard and hoard and scrap and take photos but didn't post
Duration: Ongoing for the past 4 months
(I'm still hoarding and scrapping and taking photos but I'm not posting up enough!! I've sooooo many projects to share but I just procrastinated and turned days into weeks and into months!)

I really need to get my act together, cut down on hoarding (which is quite impossible given the lovely new CHA releases that take my breathe and life away each time they arrive at the stores), scrap more (to clear the overcrowding ordeal I'm facing), take BETTER photos (since I've a DSLR now) and share them here diligently!

The lovely comments I'm receiving make me feel so loved.. Thanks a million for encouraging me to post more often!! Have a great weekend dear friends!


Sindy said...

I feel like it is Christmas again when I saw the cards u made! By the way I saw u at MWL last week... u are still buying a lot of stuffs ya! hehe!

Sindy said...

And oh forgot to add this:
You are even more beautiful in person!!!!

Lynn said...

Oh Sindy, why don't you come up and say Hi?! Hope to get to know you better!!
The new CHA releases just drive me crazy, can't help buying!!

And thanks for the sweet compliment! :)

Jason said...

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