Monday, March 1, 2010

G45 Castle projects

G45 is having a DT call and I was keen to give it a try..
If you've been following me, you'll know how much I love their vintage papers.
So I did some projects over two nights and I'm just soo addicted to playing with their new papers!

Check out my half done castle album - Once Upon A Time
Details spotted!

I'm still wondering what photos to fill it with..
Maybe childhood photos of me?!!
These are the times I wish to have kids!!
But the thought of labor pain just scares me!

This is a simple layout I did of my sister and I at the beach when we were young.
It's so fun building sandcastles, I still remember the fun of digging sand with pails and decorating the castle with anything we find on the shore: leaves, barks, seashells and even litter that people left behind!

How I relish those days of being a carefree child!

Do wish me all the best for the DT call.


Lucy Edson said...

Good luck, Lynn!! Your castle is fabulous!! G-45 would be lucky to have you on their team!

skyline said...

wow! i love the castle! All the best for the DT call..hope you make the cut!



all the best!!! Wuling go go! The castle is GREAT.

IanMama said...

Your creations are so pretty, like always! All the best for the DT! Good luck!

Karola said...

OMG totally stunning projects. I love that castle and good luck Lynn - I am sure that the G-45 will be delighted with your beautiful work!

mandysea said...

WOW! I'v just been looking through your work and its just amazing!! Your castle is just adorable!! Thanks for visiting too!!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much ladies!!
It's sooo good to have your prayers and wishes!
You ladies are the best!! :)

Blue Banana said...

I WANT TO LIVE IN THAT CASTLE!! Great deatails!!

All the best, dearie!!!

Sindy said...

Lovely castle! This is from Kaiser right? I did a similar one on my house! You go gal! Looking forward to your good news on G-45!!

Janelle said...

Hi Lynn, Just wanted to say Good luck with the DT call!!! I think your castle is absolutely stunning, beautiful, and gorgeous!!! I admire your creativity!!! Great simple layout too!!! Take care!!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Epidural babe ! LOL ! This is FAB FAB ALL the Best yeah !!