Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love, me

More G45 projects done over the past week.
I love their new papers, especially the le romantique line!!

Love, me
This is a standing frame, left over from teaching the cute little girls.
Inspired by the song 'Love, me' by Collin Raye.
My boyfriend and my all-time favourite song.
Such a treat!
I tried something making a little birdnest out of hemp twine.
All you have to do is to twist them around and attach with glue at the base.
The 'eggs' are little 3d pearls that broke off from a bracelet.. :(
Well, at the least they serve a new role in my life now!

Faith tag
This word keeps me going in bad and good times.
It'll be on my desk to remind me that I must have belief and trust in the lord.

The angels are perfect for this project!

You I adore card
I love the papers so much that I can't bear to kill them.
So I punch out circles of varying size to make a flower for this card.
Never throw your scraps away after a project!
Make a coordinating card or even save it somewhere for future use.
You never know when you need them!

I'm totally a noob at posting videos here but I figured I'll give it a try.
We'll do anything to share things we love, won't we?
Have a great Friday!


Sindy said...

Oh Lynn!!!! These are so gorgeous! Yes! I support upcycling too!

Tomoko said...

Hi Lynn!
Looooooove how you use G45!!!! So stunning:)


Rainbow said...

So very pretty!! I love it!

eMeLiNe Seet said...
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eMeLiNe Seet said...

absolutely stunning, Lynn! Love your magical touch on papers :)