Sunday, March 21, 2010

And so the boyfriend was appeased..

by this little heart shaped box of love.
Handmade gifts like this containing chocolates and everything sweet make the 2nd best thing next to my presence! Hee I should make my presence felt, shouldn't I?
So I hoarded every single Webster paper that arrived a couple of weeks ago and played like a girl with her dolls.

They're just irresistable!
Just when I thought the last CHA release was the best of best, Brandin came up with these gorgeous collections!
I am especially in love with the lullaby line but I haven't got a chance to even touch them.
Photobucket See why I need a baby?
Does anyone want me to scrap their little angels?
I'm more than happy to oblige!

Okay so when are these coming?
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I'm lovesick!


Blue Banana said...

Me! Me!! Meee!!! Scrap me something!! Pick me!!! You know i love your work! And i want that gift box! ... hmmm ... can i be your BF ... sista ... lover(?)... Baaaah!! I really want the box!!! :""(

Sindy said...

Omg!!! You have a lot of Webster's!! I couldn't get some of them... already out of stock when I went to MWL. Sob sob! Love the box u made for your bf! No wonder he is appeased! So much love goes into it! :)

jazsutra said...

Lynn, i just spoke to Irene aka blue banana, she said err....she changed her mind oredy, that you just have to pick me me meee instead LOL!!! gorgeous heart shaped box.your work is beautiful ;) luv, jaz

Lynn said...

Irene, I'll definitely scrap you something birthday girl!! :) But sorry about being my bf! My bf says I'm not allowed to moonlight! lol

Sindy, you must RESERVE those stuff man!! They sell like hot cakes on the very first day! Hopefully they'll restock!
And I can't wait to get the embellishments! Remember to reserve!!

Jaz, I'll pick both of you for being such wonderfully sweet ladies!! Can't wait to make something for you and yeah attend your class! Really need to dig out time to attend your classes!

skyline said...

Good Job Lynn! I love the box too!! Still got to say a big thanks for your RAK!! :) Here's to websters and more it!


Edleen said...

hi Lynn :) that's a really Gorgeous box! your work is amazing :)

mandysea said...

I totally understand your love for websters!!! Your heart box is just stunning....and I love your balloon cover too!!

Wonderful work!

Laurajean said...

Gorgeous girl...I absolutely {heart} Webster's pages...Love the box ;)