Friday, May 28, 2010

My photoshop got hijacked!

Can't believe it just vanished into thin air!
My sister's boyfriend just confirmed that the programme isn't in my lappy anymore.

Where has it gone to people?!!


Monday, May 24, 2010


No, not what you think it is.
It just stands for the 3 layouts I did months ago for a single-parent project by some NUS students.
Must support my juniors in such a meaningful venture!

Just a couple of thoughts of what I think constitutes a happy family..
I've seen a fair share of complete family living with suspicion and distrust.
Trust me, it happens even in my family.

So the question of the day is, does it really matter whether you only have a Mum or a Dad?
Does it make you lesser than having both parents who quibble every other day?

A happy family.. is one with love and care for one another.
Without suspicion, without lies, without backstabbing, without overnight feuds.
Disagreements should only bring us closer together, a must to reach a point of understanding.
Never should it be the platform to break us apart, to hurt one another with words that last a lifetime or to sow discord within unspoken walls.

Sigh.. Many things in life are easier said than done..
That's when prayers are necessary..
With God, all things are possible!

By the way, check me out in the May bank Ad.
I look quite horrendous. lol

Thanks to the 'mature' outfit, along with the bun hairstyle and pearl accessories they don on me!
Waiting for the fat paycheck to come so that I can hoard more scrappy supplies! Hope your Monday has been good!
I'm still nursing an eye infection. Again...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dreams in an album

It's such a delight to spot this today.

The exams are over and I've been enjoying every minute of the past few days with the boyfriend.

We're so blessed to share the same passion, occupation and dreams.

Now, we finally get to spend our free days together.

I've been wanting to share this album but the procrastinator in me shelved the idea for the longest time..

This album holds a great deal of significance to me.

It directs my life as all the dreams I want to fulfil right now are contained in it.

Isn't it one of the most therapeutic hobby around?

To not only SCRAP the pictures of the moment, but one's feelings and thoughts of the moment?

Scrap supplies:
Papers from Melissa Frances and shabby green door.
Album from Maya road
Vintage frames from Melissa Frances
Ribbons from America Crafts and Websters pages
Pins from Maya road
Alphabet stamps from Studio Calico
Thickers from AC
Flowers and roses from Prima
Chipboard house, bird, wing and heart from Maya road
German glitter glass in pink, blue and silver
Buttons and military flowers from stash

As some of you may already know, I love playing the piano.

In fact, it's my most favourite hobby before scrapbooking comes into my life.

I poured all sorts of emotions into playing the beautiful instrument, especially when I'm down.

It seems to speak to me like a good, old friend.

Always listening, never doubting.

While it still serves me like a good, old friend, scrapping becomes more than that by giving me an outlet to build dreams and memories, keepsake and reaffirming my relationships with my loved ones with a thankful heart.

I think scrappers can relate to that very often, especially when it comes to journaling their thoughts in that little album or layout or even a card!

I'm soaking in every moment I have this week to rejuvenate, recharge, rededicate my time to my loved ones!

How blessed am I!

There is magic only when you believe in it.

Hope you have a wonderful beautiful spring day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have you checked this out?

The challenge is up on Dirty Scraps!
The Facts of Life
Life is what it is, it is FULL of ups and downs, bumps and bruises, and even sex. This challenge is not for the weak! hahaha just kidding... I challenge you to scrap the facts, whether it be the fact that you smoke, the fact that your single, the fact that you have sex, the fact that you have Mulitiple Sclerosis, there are alot of "facts" out there, they are not all pretty, they are not all clean, it's called LIFE. Go scrap it! Have fun, be real, be yourself.
Now go get Dirty!

People usually scrap the wonderful relationships with their loved ones.
Fact is, every relationship out there, no matter how good, has its flaws.
My mum and I share this love-hate relationship since my teenage years till now.
We quarrel, we fight, we make up, we love, we hate..
It's conflicting to say I love her.
But I really do, despite the quarrels, fights and cold wars.
One thing for sure is that she loves me with all her heart.
Finally my card and layout are reunited!
I'm going to do some blog hopping for more inspiration for my large stash of MF goodies!
Have a blessed Tuesday scrappies!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mothers are the best gifts God gave to us, so this is indeed a day worth celebrating!
A matching envelope & tag along with a layout for mummy dearest.
The inner tag that goes into the envelope.
I'm playing with Melissa Frances papers, vintage images and its envelope and matching tag here.
The pretty roses and flower are of course from Prima.
I heart Melissa Frances.
Just love ALL her products.
You can imagine my glee when they hit my LSS last week.
I went berserk trying not to get more than two of each product. lol
You got to hold on for the reveal of the layout for Dirty Scraps Challenge #9!
Will also like you to join us for the challenges as we've really excited to have sponsors giving away attractive prizes for winners!
I've wonderful ladies telling me how thereapeutic Dirty Scraps is and I have to agree!
Every challenge eases my emotional burden, the heavy baggage I've been carrying over issues most of us are facing..
They seem to easier to commute after scrapping it out. Aside from the gorgeous papers and embellishments, isn't that what scrapping should be about? The story of your life, present, past or future.
The good, the bad, the ordinary and the extraordinary.
All housed under this little hobby called scrapbooking..
Amazing really..

I wouldn't have been able to make half of such a decent card for my mum if not for scrapbooking.
What can I say?
I'm loving it.

Before I go,
here are some peeks for the next Dirty Scraps Challenge! Continue to remain blessed and keep loving the scrapping! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


It's the weekend again, my last weekend of printing, marking and revising with my students! Let me just remind myself that this exhausting period will pass.. Yes it will! i.just.can'! This framed layout was made two months ago for my friend as a gift to his gf! Can't believe I can work with such strong colors. I'm always for muted colors, oh well. It turned out quite pretty, didn't it? My buddy is such a sweet boyfriend!! Just want to share some photos taken from a crop too. I find one lovely Sunday out of all the marking and teaching to crop with these wonderful ladies. Crops are cool because we get to learn tips from one another! It's so relaxing to just drop everything and shop, sorry scrap to my heart's content.
Warming up for the crazy look.
Scrappers have goofy times too.

It's just so fun!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Belated Happy Scrapbooking Day!

As you know from my previous posts, I've been really exhausted these days..
Can't wait for the post-exam break to come!

Just a quick post today to announce the winner of the little card and box kit as mentioned in the last post!

Sindy said...

Your students will definitely enjoy a good time learning scrapbooking from you!

Dear Sindy, I think I've your address (from the prima spree) but do email me if there's any change in that.

My 'Happy Mother's Day' class went really well today!
I've a great time with my 'kids' as always. :)
I'm counting down to the next class at my place in less than 10 hours.

Stay tuned as I'm doing a give away soooooon!
Even my new shelves are giving way.. lol
Did this last week while thinking about how wonderful God is to bring them close to Him.
We went to church for the 2nd time today, things are looking so good, with them asking questions about the bible and looking forward to going to church every Sunday.
Waking up early to attend the sermon with them is totally worth it.
Praise the lord! :)