Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have you checked this out?

The challenge is up on Dirty Scraps!
The Facts of Life
Life is what it is, it is FULL of ups and downs, bumps and bruises, and even sex. This challenge is not for the weak! hahaha just kidding... I challenge you to scrap the facts, whether it be the fact that you smoke, the fact that your single, the fact that you have sex, the fact that you have Mulitiple Sclerosis, there are alot of "facts" out there, they are not all pretty, they are not all clean, it's called LIFE. Go scrap it! Have fun, be real, be yourself.
Now go get Dirty!

People usually scrap the wonderful relationships with their loved ones.
Fact is, every relationship out there, no matter how good, has its flaws.
My mum and I share this love-hate relationship since my teenage years till now.
We quarrel, we fight, we make up, we love, we hate..
It's conflicting to say I love her.
But I really do, despite the quarrels, fights and cold wars.
One thing for sure is that she loves me with all her heart.
Finally my card and layout are reunited!
I'm going to do some blog hopping for more inspiration for my large stash of MF goodies!
Have a blessed Tuesday scrappies!


MaRLeNeF said...

Hi Lynn, love your layout, it's beautiful :) xxx Marlene

shaggyfish said...

love the card and layout a lot!
i agree... a lot of relationship has flaws... all abt give and take!

the stamp that i used for the mini is the same one like pancy, yah! i bought it.. is quite cheap, i think $14!

Pearl said...

wonderful creations with the Melissa Frances !!

Hi Lynn,

I just attended Hansel's photography class . I know you'll enjoy it !
It's given me a renewed interest in my DSLR now that I understand it so much more ! lol

Pearl said...

Hi Lynn

Hansel told me yesterday that you would be atending his next class since he knew I'm a scrapbooker . ;) I was in his last class .

Enjoy !!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

this is wonderfully beautiful :)!

Blue Banana said...

Absolutely beautiful especially the card!!!

PaperCandy said...

Hi Lynn!

Did you know I was just at the Melissa Frances blog and they featured your work in TWO posts? Just only! Go check it out! cheers for you!

Lynn said...

That's such wonderful news!
Thanks for letting me know!
Will love to know your name by the way! :)

Jason said...

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