Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mothers are the best gifts God gave to us, so this is indeed a day worth celebrating!
A matching envelope & tag along with a layout for mummy dearest.
The inner tag that goes into the envelope.
I'm playing with Melissa Frances papers, vintage images and its envelope and matching tag here.
The pretty roses and flower are of course from Prima.
I heart Melissa Frances.
Just love ALL her products.
You can imagine my glee when they hit my LSS last week.
I went berserk trying not to get more than two of each product. lol
You got to hold on for the reveal of the layout for Dirty Scraps Challenge #9!
Will also like you to join us for the challenges as we've really excited to have sponsors giving away attractive prizes for winners!
I've wonderful ladies telling me how thereapeutic Dirty Scraps is and I have to agree!
Every challenge eases my emotional burden, the heavy baggage I've been carrying over issues most of us are facing..
They seem to easier to commute after scrapping it out. Aside from the gorgeous papers and embellishments, isn't that what scrapping should be about? The story of your life, present, past or future.
The good, the bad, the ordinary and the extraordinary.
All housed under this little hobby called scrapbooking..
Amazing really..

I wouldn't have been able to make half of such a decent card for my mum if not for scrapbooking.
What can I say?
I'm loving it.

Before I go,
here are some peeks for the next Dirty Scraps Challenge! Continue to remain blessed and keep loving the scrapping! :)


AmesOx said...

Ohh Lynn, your Mother's Day card is beautiful! You have such a style that makes a girl feel pretty. Seriously, every time I look at one of your projects I see beauty. I am so excited to see your full reveal for Dirty Scraps!

Sue said...

gorgeous card and tag, Lynn! You've started playing with your Melissa Frances papers already. :) I like that butterfly border punch on your layout. Is it Martha Stewart?

Tomoko said...

Wow, Lynn. You are truly talented!!!!
Your mother should really love this gift!!!
Happy Mother's Day!! Sorry to be a day late.


Lynn said...

Thanks Amy!

I'm a fan of your work too!!
Just love what we're doing now!
Dirty scraps rocks! :)

Lynn said...

Dear Susan,

I can't help but leave everything aside and play with the gorgeous MF papers!
Not that they arrive at the store often! lol
It's the Martha Stewart border punch!
I bought the corner punch for it too! It's so beautiful! :)

Lynn said...

Dear Tomoko!
Happy Mother's day to you too!
Hope your little girl has been obedient these days!!
You are a wonderful mummy!

G said...

I love the sneak! And those mother's day gift are gorgeous.. your mummy must be really happy :) Yeh.. about the taiwan drama, I am already poisoned! haha.. I am running out of show to watch. Recently watched the "Autum's Concerto" Any more recommendations?

Lynn said...

I caught 'Hai pai tian xin' by Rainie and Show Luo.
Super addictive!
And just finished 'Queen' online which is also screened on channel U.
A little on th draggy side but I adore Ruan Jin Tian. Hee
Is Autumn's Concerto nice?