Friday, May 7, 2010


It's the weekend again, my last weekend of printing, marking and revising with my students! Let me just remind myself that this exhausting period will pass.. Yes it will! i.just.can'! This framed layout was made two months ago for my friend as a gift to his gf! Can't believe I can work with such strong colors. I'm always for muted colors, oh well. It turned out quite pretty, didn't it? My buddy is such a sweet boyfriend!! Just want to share some photos taken from a crop too. I find one lovely Sunday out of all the marking and teaching to crop with these wonderful ladies. Crops are cool because we get to learn tips from one another! It's so relaxing to just drop everything and shop, sorry scrap to my heart's content.
Warming up for the crazy look.
Scrappers have goofy times too.

It's just so fun!


shaggyfish said...

yah...the strong, bright colours so not u... but it turned out GREAT!
have a gd weekend, Lynn

Blue Banana said...

Oooo the shadow box is absolutely beautiful! Totally love the dimesnion and depth on this one!

Tomoko said...

Beautiful layout, Lynn! Wish I can join you guys:)


G said...

Wow.. Totally agree with Irene.. The shadow box is absolutely fabulous! Every colour just blend in nicely..

Ruth said...

ooh! where can i join such crops? sounds like a lot of fun! :))

Vicki said...

wow that layout is beautiful and it looks like you had a great time at your crop!!!

Sue said...

The layout's beautiful Lynn! When shall we have our next crop? ;)

Lynn said...

Thanks ladies for your kind words!

Ruth, you can join us at the next crop!
The ladies are so amiable they'll put you at ease right away! :)

Lynn said...

I want to have another crop too!
You got me hooked on the glimmer mists and TA products!
I've been starting to hoard them.. Shiitt!!

Ruth said...

oh i can join you guys at the next crop? how nice!! :))
hee, maybe you can drop me an email or write a post about the upcoming one?

thanks so much! :))

Lynn said...

Dear Ruth,

I don't have your email address!
I'll love to have you for a crop together!
Do email me at so that we can keep in touch! :)

Jason said...

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