Sunday, August 30, 2009

lil' miss pouty

I've finally gotten my hands on the MF products and I know immediately a black and white photo of me when I was young & pouty will get very well with the papers and rubbons from the Girly girl kit! Photobucket I love the simplicity of this layout and yes I love to pout, and still very much do! Photobucket Photobucket And I made a simple MF card too! To thank the MRT staff, the heroes who saved me on the day I fainted. :)) Photobucket Thanks for looking!! Can't wait to share the other layouts.. Has your weekend been good? Mine's so good that I'm experiencing Monday blues now! Photobucket Bye from Mr & Miss Pouty!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodbye Angie & Justin!

I've been feeling really sad for the past week. I know I shouldn't be because it's good news that both my friends are leaving for further studies, dreams worthy of pursuit. I just can't help feeling sad that I'll not be able to see them for years! But really, I wish them all the best and I pray for God to watch over them in both their studies and safety. I did an album for Angie, with the help of Lucky(Izzy loves being called that!) and this is what we came up with! She is going to study fashion design, that lucky girl! So, the G45 fashionista collection is apt for the album! Photobucket Photobucket I know we look crazy here. We're just a little tipsy in my defence! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The blank spaces are for everyone to fill up their love for Angie! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Our gang at the send-off! Photobucket I'll miss this girl sooo much!! Come back soon at least for the mahjong sessions k! LOL Photobucket Photobucket Details: Photobucket Photobucket And not forgetting this layout for Justin who is going to do his Phd in Theoretical physics at Harvard. Gosh, this is a mouthful but Justin is really really amazing. Amazingly humble for his background. He was with A-star, had such good grades that Harvard accepted his entry and yet managed to stay rooted and never once flaunt what he's good at. This is the power of Christ in him and in us. I'll keep praying for him for his biggest worry is not knowing if what he is doing is pleasing to God. I'm really in awe of the things that come out of his mouth albeit the one or two conversations we had in church. My 2nd time in the airport this week Photobucket Something funny came out of this though. The send-off was unsuccessful! Really funny, I'm gonna do a layout on it soon! We met Justin when he was checking in his baggage and luckily we took some time to take some shots together before he went for dinner with his parents. We went too even though we had only half an hour before departure. Happily, we settled at Popeye's and had really good chicken and potato mash and we missed the departure! According to his parents, Justin was frantically searching for us while calling Teck Tee (I must identify the guilty one in blue). Teck Tee was too busy chewing his chicken I guess and by the time we caught him, he was already at the customs. The tin of biscuits I bought for him and this layout were wasted because I didn't have the chance to pass them to him! Sigh, it's a funnily heartbreaking story. The saving grace at the end of the day happened when Justin managed to call us before the plane took off and made us LESS guilty about missing his departure. LOL I'll end this long post with this pouty picture of me and Yappy! Photobucket Talking about pouts, I just finished a layout relating to it! Will be back real soon to blog about it!! :) Cheers and be blessed!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Halloween Love

Have I ever mentioned I love love Halloween? I've never celebrated Halloween in my life as it's not a common tradition here to do so but I love the colours of Fall. It's probably my favourite season. I love fallen leaves, pumpkins, leaves turning yellow-brown and all. I'm thinking whether to make it a theme for my birthday in October or for my annual Children's Day party for the kids! One more reason to scrap gorgeous layouts. Hee Anyway I've a Halloween layout to share. Photobucket The papers from MM have been sitting in my shelves for a year and I'll do them injustice if I do not use them! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The photo of Mr boyfriend, Celeste and me is taken during our group presentation in a business module two years back! We're supposed to be a party organiser company so we have different themes every week to show our unique selling point. LOL It's quite fun to dress up and decorate our seats. I miss school already!! Arrgh.. I've been getting lots of rest after another one of my fainting spells. Had a leg sprain, it's now swollen and painful and I fainted again due to my anemic condition and it was made worse with my low blood pressure. I sound like a really sickly lady but sadly I am! :( Have a good weekend dear friends and stay healthy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learning through PLAY?

Layout for OLW! Photobucket This is such a coincidence! I've done this layout a few months ago and totally forgot about sharing here till I saw the challenge at OLW. So here it is! A picture of my cutie cousin playing the egg race during last year's Children's Day. I really believe that growing up should never be just about studies, exams and scoldings when you don't do well. I wish to include more play time for my 'kids' but it can be tedious at times. You know the problem with kids.. They seem to go overboard once you allow them to step out of certain boundaries and this is what is happening with my students. I hate being a stern, fierce and go-by-the-book teacher but once I relax the lessons such as allowing them to have little breaks and some chit-chats here and there, they start to get really bold. The little breaks turn into long card-playing sessions and the harmless chit-chats turn into long gossip sessions. How do I then draw a balance? Sigh.. This is troubling. Anyway, thanks so much to the talented ladies who drop by every now and then! I've so much fun visiting your blogs too, it's so addictive that I'm on the computer every single day! LOL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love the Pink Paislee warehouse box!

Seriously you can never get a better deal anywhere else! Though the shipping took up almost half the total cost of the USD80 Pink Paislee Warehouse Box, the deal's totally worth it! They are so so generous and I can't stop saying that. There are about more than 40 papers of various collections, two stamp sets, one chipboard, many many rub-ons and at least 8 alphas! I instantly fell in love with their vintage moon collection (I was a non-scrapper when the collection was launched) that I've to scrap a layout with it! Here is it, a layout of my bro, sis and me! My youngest sis was still in my mum's womb back then. lol Photobucket Sorry for the bad pic quality as it is a twenty-year old photo. Photobucket I added the Crafty secrets pic of 3 kids, I think it is well fitting for our photo! I feel so bad about leaving my youngest sis out. I promise to do a layout of her soon! Only her!! Photobucket Trying to make the buttons stand out more here by going around them with my left over brown thread.. It came out quite fine! Photobucket I also made a card to go along with the door hanger for Junli. Photobucket Happy 21st birthday Junli! Introducing my church friends from ARPC! :) Photobucket I'm so thankful to know you guys through God. He's indeed sovereign over everything. Thanks for dropping by! Hope your week has been wonderful! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm featured on G45 blog!

Oh my! It's like my first breakthrough after scrapping for a year! I'm so honoured to be featured on Graphic 45 blog! I'm so ecstatic that I've to share it here and I really want to thank all the ladies for their well wishes. I'm so grateful for this chance and it makes me love scrapping more! :) On the side note, I just came back from a day of work and two parties. It's really fun attending both parties. The first was Junli's 21st birthday and her house is really one of the most beautiful I've ever seen! Such a pity that I didn't take pictures of it to share here. But I've pictures of the door hanger I made for her to share here! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I hope she likes it! I was of course late for the second party with my jc friends! I love them so much. We had great fun playing cards and mahjong!! How I wish we can meet more often! I'm off to catch some sleep before I go for church tomorrow! Goodnight world and God bless all of you! :)