Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learning through PLAY?

Layout for OLW! Photobucket This is such a coincidence! I've done this layout a few months ago and totally forgot about sharing here till I saw the challenge at OLW. So here it is! A picture of my cutie cousin playing the egg race during last year's Children's Day. I really believe that growing up should never be just about studies, exams and scoldings when you don't do well. I wish to include more play time for my 'kids' but it can be tedious at times. You know the problem with kids.. They seem to go overboard once you allow them to step out of certain boundaries and this is what is happening with my students. I hate being a stern, fierce and go-by-the-book teacher but once I relax the lessons such as allowing them to have little breaks and some chit-chats here and there, they start to get really bold. The little breaks turn into long card-playing sessions and the harmless chit-chats turn into long gossip sessions. How do I then draw a balance? Sigh.. This is troubling. Anyway, thanks so much to the talented ladies who drop by every now and then! I've so much fun visiting your blogs too, it's so addictive that I'm on the computer every single day! LOL


Lynn said...

Love it! Thanks for playing along!

gudrun said...

Love your LO! the colors make me happy :)

Gigi said...

oooh this is so fun!! LOVE all the color!