Saturday, August 22, 2009

Halloween Love

Have I ever mentioned I love love Halloween? I've never celebrated Halloween in my life as it's not a common tradition here to do so but I love the colours of Fall. It's probably my favourite season. I love fallen leaves, pumpkins, leaves turning yellow-brown and all. I'm thinking whether to make it a theme for my birthday in October or for my annual Children's Day party for the kids! One more reason to scrap gorgeous layouts. Hee Anyway I've a Halloween layout to share. Photobucket The papers from MM have been sitting in my shelves for a year and I'll do them injustice if I do not use them! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The photo of Mr boyfriend, Celeste and me is taken during our group presentation in a business module two years back! We're supposed to be a party organiser company so we have different themes every week to show our unique selling point. LOL It's quite fun to dress up and decorate our seats. I miss school already!! Arrgh.. I've been getting lots of rest after another one of my fainting spells. Had a leg sprain, it's now swollen and painful and I fainted again due to my anemic condition and it was made worse with my low blood pressure. I sound like a really sickly lady but sadly I am! :( Have a good weekend dear friends and stay healthy!


BabyBokChoy said...

Love this layout and LOOOOOOVE your blog, so many eyecandies everywhere!!!


oooh take care wuling!
hope u recover soon:)
love yr halloween lo

Lynn said...

Thanks!! I'm feeling better now!
See you around! :)