Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm quitting scrapbooking with a 'sand' tutorial

My last layout before I call it quits...

I love this photo of my aunt and her sons at the water theme park in Malacca.
I just have to use the lovely Seaside retreat papers from Websters pages for this!
Perfect for the photo!

The 'sand' is achieved by applying rangers sticklers in lemon on the area I want to cover (in a random manner) and pouring rangers embossing powder in white over it.
You do not need to heat it.
Just leave the mixture to dry for 10 to 15 minutes and you get this effect!
It even feels like sand!! Do give it a try!

As for why I am quitting scrapbooking,
I've reasons I feel uncomfortable sharing.
The rest of you scrappers, press on! :)

I got you!
Scrapbooking is the last thing I'll quit in my life!
Happy April's Fool Day! :)


Lucy Edson said...

I had to read that one, twice! So glad you aren't quitting, Lynn! lol

You got me!

Gorgeous use of the Seaside collection - I've got some of that laying on my desk right now. Love the idea of adding real sand!


hahahaha, i almost doubt n got caught... keke :D because i read in the gallery u will be joining in fun in my challenge.. haha
wow! a good one!
i love this fun layout using websters pages... will do one tooo after my exam, during holidays!! see u during the crop :)

Teri said...

LOL I forgot about April Fool's Day! :) I love this bright and sunny layout. Thanks for the tutorial!

Tomoko said...

HAHA!!! April fool's Day!!

The layout is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the colors!!!

Blue Banana said...

OMG! You got me there! Naughty girl!
I really REALLY like how you've created the sand. And thank you so so much for the lovely gift. I'm definitely using some of those scrappy goodies onto my next layout.

Now, you keep scrapping coz this plc is one of my 'inspiration corner'. I am counting on you for some serious scrappy mojo!

Sindy said...

U little devil! What an April's Fool's joke!

Ruth said...

Hello Lynn,

i'm a new reader of your blog, thought I should introduce myself. I'm Ruth and a very new scrapper now :)

GOSH, i was SO disappointed when I saw that you are quitting scrapbooking :((

especially since I just knew about your blog and am checking it regularly for your updates.

thank God it's just a joke! :D

ps: you're really pretty :))

Lynn said...

Happy April's fool day ladies!

I'm so glad you like my gift and card Irene! :)
You gotta keep scrapping too cos I'm counting on you for colour therapy! You're so good with colors!!

Lynn said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for introducing yourself!!
Nice to meet you here, it's really heartwarming to read your lovely comment.

You made me smile the whole day! And I hope you'll keep the scrapping mojo! :)