Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bumming around

The whirlwind of events finally came to a stop today.
And thus the time to settle down and re-acquaint with the internet.


That's the number of photos we took in a matter of 5 days!
Me and my new haircut. Love the messy fringe. Hee
My sis and her 'ornamental' bracelet. LOL

We get to entertain ourselves with playing the 'guess the number' game and the losers have to do these...

We started friendly.. Lucky aunt and cousin..

And it got out of hand..
Meet Miss Golden nose digger
and Miss Cross-eyed Hippo
The finale - my sexy brother at his best new year outfit

And so the rest of the Chinese New year days were spent rushing a Vday project for my best friend, shopping with my pretty teenage cousin from Taiwan and teaching the cutest 5 and 4 year-olds these lovely projects!
Will be sharing the photos soon!
How's your holiday so far? :)


Sindy said...

The photos are hilarious! I can see your family had a lot of fun and laughter! Love the cute little house! Is it a card?

Blue Banana said...

Wahahhaaaa these pictures are classic man! It would be a challenge to scrap them! Go do it!!

Janelle said...

Love your bumming around photos, Lynn!!! They made me giggle!!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!! Take care and Have fun!!!

iris said...

love love love your photos!! It's so nice to see a pretty girl like you do wacky photos! Your layouts are inspirational as always.