Monday, December 8, 2008

Living not merely for myself

I just did a layout on my outing with my relatives at Sentosa. It's one of the rare times we can get together . What's even more pleasant is that I ran into Miao there when he was doing a photo shoot. Being the kind friend he was(lol), he took some photographs for us! While doing the layout, I was having some random thoughts. Have you ever felt that the older you get, the more attached you will feel towards your family? I've this feeling quite some time ago. I love the cozy feeling of being at home, it's like a shelter I can run to whenever I encounter problems. It's totally the opposite a few years back when I was younger. I'll break house rules and run to my friends instead. These days, I'll reprimand my parents if they stay out late and stuff. Tsk tsk. I figured that I want to spend more time with my parents and enjoy being a Daddy and Mummy's girl instead of shaking my butts at some club. I'm not a clubber anyway, so this makes a bad comparison. Eh maybe I enjoy being with them than shopping? Logically, my true friends will stay by me for my life time but my parents will not. They've changed so fast, apparently faster than the rate my little cousins are growing. My mum was complaining of menopause aches and Dad was no longer dancing around me for more than a few minutes. Sigh.. I wonder how many more good years I have left with them before I move out and live my own life. My sister, Christine, and I are obviously not coping very well with this morbid mindset. We're taking every chance to stay at home to spend more time with our family. Unfortunately, the two other siblings of mine just simply have not yet shared the same sentiments. I'm celebrating life each day because I've a complete and healthy family. For the first time in my life, I feel the reason for living. Just love this feeling right now. :)


oshkoshzzz said...

itz me again.. been looking around for some inspiration on how I can make a really nice card for my best pal, but seriously..I'm left wondering how come you can find all those cool little stuff you use for your scraps. i especially like the one with the house! *Totally clueless* Can u share some tips on how to start(where to buy materials)? either that, or I was contemplating on asking a favour; will u do custom cards for a price? (my email is Thanks in advance! =)


wuling said...

Hi Oshkoshzzz,

I buy my supplies mainly from Made With Love (PS) and Laines (Wheelock) if you're in Singapore. If you're interested in taking this as a long term hobby, you should visit these stores to get the materials. If not, it's not worth paying as the materials are really expensive.
:) I'll email you if you don't mind me making cards for you! :)