Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Broadcast Asia 2008

Today's my first day working for Singtel at Broadcast Asia. It's quite fun as we even had a TV interview with the broadcasters reporting on this event. It's gonna be screened in England though, this nice TV presenter is from nottinghill. Super cool! Saw the Miss Earth 2008 finalists. Goodness! Some of them really looked below standard. We're commenting that one of them looked even worse than my maid! with bucked teeth and she slouched throughout the turn out. Can't believe the quality of the contest. Then we had our 2 hour lunch break! Love our looooong break. Amy kept ogling at girls. I just realised she stalked girls on their blogs. haha Now she's influencing me to stalk a few girls. lol The job is quite fun. We get to meet many people from different countries! The highlight of the day! A caucasian man from a neighbouring booth kept coming up to us for free doritos (which we're giving out as compliments from Singtel). He made so many excuses just to get the free chips, lame excuses like "My colleague was unhappy that I ate up the whole packet of doritos and I need to compensate him" and "I'll be frank with you, I want more doritos!" Seriously shameless! But it cracked me up so much I actually look forward to see what he will do tomorrow. I'm really tired. slept for 4 straight hours once I get home. This is even more tiring than tutoring. Standing in high heels for more than 6 hours is freaking tired! The only consoling factor is the good pay!! Amy and I

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