Monday, June 1, 2009

I've to let it out.

I'm trying so hard not to lose faith in scrapping. Maybe I've dived into scrapbooking too fast too furious. Maybe I feel inadequate as I've always been an overachiever. Maybe I feel like an oddball not being a scrapper mum with cute kids to scrap about or good cameras to take beautiful pictures (which make all the difference in the scrapping world). Maybe I don't feel comfortable having staff who do not seem to like me even though patronize the store week in week out. Maybe I'm too demanding, not only as a scrapper but as a person on the whole. (I'm a willing party who welcomes feedback so if you seriously have some issues with me, please say it right to my face. I can take anything given that I've a more screwed-up life when I was younger than anyone I've met.) Maybe I'm taking my hobby too seriously. Maybe I am not proactive enough in making small talk and getting people to like me. Maybe I just don't belong to the local scrapping community here. I've been putting up with releasing the pent-up feelings for the longest time. The only one who will never fail me is God and I pray that he can give me the strength to go through the disappointment and to embrace this fallen world with sinners. I also pray that as a sinner, I'll be forgiven and have the generosity to forgive those who are against me. Sorry for ranting. I can't possibly be cheerful 24/7 but I do get over things pretty fast with God's help.


stinkydudette said...

scrapbooking is a hobby, an interest. for some, it's a passion.
you don't have to prove anything to anyone. just enjoy it. *huggies*

Blue Banana said...

Yeah! Totally agree with stinkdudette. Scrapbooking is all about keepsake! Just enjoy it! And by the way ... i think your work is awesome!!

wuling said...

Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate them but I should also say that I really am not proving anything to anyone.

Scrapping has always been an enjoyment to me, all the more after knowing that I have the support from you gals =)

p.s. I feel better after "vomiting" everything out. I'm OK now!

Shuanghui said...

Yeah. Dont lose faith in scrapbooking!
Because you scrap really well!
I have seen them, they are really nice.
So, remember not to give up scrapbooking because the pattern papers are really nice! Haha.