Friday, September 5, 2008

Another cynical post

I used to love being a kid. Everything about being a kid. You can break a vase and get away with it without paying cos your parents will. You can cry non stop and everyone will come pacifying you with treats and coaxing. You never have to worry about money, politics and whatever shit thing that adults mulled over. I used to have this little thought whenever I was at my low point as a kid. That is, To be an adult REAL fast. Then I can go wherever I like without mummy's consent. Earn my own keep and have the freedom to do whatever I like. This is karma. Fast forward to who I am now. Though I've not even lived for more than half of the average human lifespan, I have long been cynical about life. Time flies like crazy. In a twinkling of an eye, I became an adult with so many responsibilities. Things I don't have to care about as a kid come tumbling into my life, altogether. But I realised something too. I am stronger than I think. To be able to survive really bad phases in my life, trucks of school workload and tight working schedules. When have life become such a hurricane? I lost so much in the process of gaining material things. In exchange for the freedom I have, the keep I earn by myself, I lost the time to sit down and chat with my family, lost the time to catch up with friends over coffee. I forgot about people around me and their lives. Ashamed to say, My life now only revolves around me. This is life. As we grow, we become so conceited about living our own lives. And more than often forget about the people who should matter. Maybe I should start slowing down my pace and give some room for others in my life. Not to people who change and turn their backs on you for whatever inconceivable reasons because all you get is disappointment from them. When your feet hit the tarmac and all that you're racing against is time, you realise that you are your own best friend and worst enemy. Pain is only temporary, glory lasts forever. I must survive.

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