Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

New Year is one of my favourite festival when I was young. I get to buy new clothes 'officially', a good excuse for me to buy tons of clothes home without having to hide them. I get to eat lots of nice fattening food. I get to catch up with my extended family and have long chats through the night. And best of all, I get to receive red packets! This roughly sums up why I absolutely love spending Chinese New Year. Sad to say, I will not get to celebrate my favourite festival this year. I tried not to show my disappointment but I'm really sad about it. I guess bogging about it here helps alleviate my feelings of disappointment. On the other note, I'm glad that after buying tons of Valentine papers, I'm able to make at least one card! Here is my work after 2 hours of thinking and creating. Have I ever mention that scrapping is really tough work? Every time Mr. Yappy sees me stressing out over scrapbooking, he will look at me in the most amuse way and ask how a hobby can stress me out so much! It's really therapeutic to scrap but being the perfectionist / idealist / a obsessive compulsive disorder patient I am, I never like doing half-hearted stuff, especially when scrap materials are so costly! So here is the end of my short rant. I hope that all of you out there who are celebrating Chinese New Year will enjoy your holidays! :)

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