Saturday, January 17, 2009

New year resolutions

Hello world! Just dropping by to share two layouts I've done recently! My new year resolutions for the 2009: 1) Save for rainy days 2) Find happiness in the little things in life 3) Love what I have 4) Make necessary lifestyle changes, such as turning in and bathing early. (LOL I'm the most nocturnal person I've ever met in my life!) 5) Learn to be more forgiving, to the people I love and myself. (Someone noted that I treat strangers better than even my loved ones. Well, all I can say is that I'm merely being more polite with strangers..) So, what's your resolution? I still remember my resolution last year. It is to learn how to say NO when I need to and to be punctual at least 90% of the time! I managed to improve tremendously for the former but not so much for the latter. Never mind, there's still next year and the year after! Hee . . . . . For the coming Valentine's Day, I did a layout for my aunt and her husband! I seriously love Making Memories to bits, especially the love notes collection! I wanted a simple layout and it turned out to be more than what I expected! I love that I can use only a cardstock and matting paper to create this look. These photos are so not doing justice to the real art! :( I really need to work on my photography skills.. I hope everyone has been doing well this year and Happy New Year to all!!

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