Thursday, October 8, 2009

Annual blues heating up

I don't know if it's the looming examinations for my tuition kids, or the gazillion things that are left in my mind every single minute (thus I've no time to get down to actually finish them off!), or that I'm mulling over what a procrastinator (=LOSER) I am, or that I'm having birthday blues, or that I've deadlines to meet, or that I'm burnt out as I've been teaching every single day without resting and my weekends are not spared, or that I've mountains of papers to mark and it doesn't help having bags of scrap supplies by the dozens that are not organized, or that I'm stressed out over the birthday party preparations or that I've no idea where to even begin to NOT think about those stuff I've been mulling over... . . . . . . . . . . I'm feeling really depressed right now. So depressed that I ranted at the boyfriend so that he could give me a Big fat scolding which hoepfully would force me to revamp my life. As always, the all-knowing boyfriend knows cajoling and consoling do not work on me. Sigh!!! Sorry for the rants. I know people generally hate emotional posts but I don't want only to blog about happy times and pretend I've the perfect life. On the side note, thanks for leaving your sweet comments in the previous post, I feel better already! I'm gonna post a picture of the goodies and reveal the winner in the next post!

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hi wuling!
its okay to rant and post emotional entries... part of life is made of these!
i have birthday blues toooo... keke! anyway i always believe this.. when life hit down, hit to the bottom n feel so depressed... then life will go up again one day... hope u bounce back sooooooon! meanwhile take it easy with the marking, scrapping stuff...