Monday, December 7, 2009

Hi December!

December turns out to be a reminder of how fast the year whizzes by.
I used to think that as we grow older, the year tends to proceed faster.
Until my 11 year-old cousin came to me and said, "Isn't this year fast? Too fast for me."
So, maybe the years are going faster, generally.

Photobucket A picture of us early this year.
In a blink of an eye, Izzy, Jing, Angie, Clar, Lump and I have graduated.
Now Angie has left for Holland to pursue her second degree in fashion,
Jing wrapping up her pupillage studies and she's starting work proper in her law firm,
Izzy has gotten a job with the ministry of environment,
Clar has been working in a job agency right after graduation,
Lump, the accountant is currently on the move to a temporary place while her house is being renovated.
Fun is still in school, but doing so well with her side job of web-designing. She's super talented. You have to check her out.
And I, I'm still the same, minus the hassle of waking up 2 hours before class to travel to my campus.
I still teach and scrap and procrastinate.

Anyway, I will love to post up more photos of the projects I've done for the Christmas crop but life gets in the way.
I got into a minor car accident but was left unscathed, thank God.
In the midst of cleaning up my room, which is a major headache because of the humongous amount of stash lying in bags and bags.
Planning a party for my students, which involves spending hundreds of dollars on presents, engaging the help of the boyfriend and cousins, checking up the perfect venue, deciding what food to serve and etc etc. It's really tiring I tell you!
Also on the table is the planning of my schedule for next year, I've been blessed with more new students without additional advertising cost, which I'm also thankful for. This just means more income for more papers! Yeah!!
I'm also working out a saving plan with the boyfriend, who insists that I need to STOP saying that I'll save and START saving. I badly want my own educational center but money is one big problem, so I better get started.

So, how's your December coming along?
Do share it here and I'll pick a winner for a RAK(remember I've a humongous amount of stash?), an idea of it will be posted real soon!
The deadline will be... in a week's time!

Till then, God bless!


sindywong said...

Hi Lynn! I need to clean up my scrapbooking room too! I also have a lot of papers and paper bags and stuffs lying around! And I am so looking forward to celebrating X'mas and my birthday in Dec! I want your RAK to add to the mess in my room! :p

dyllis said...

hahah saving sure is hard, i'm been telling myself, i'll save money uh soon. then thursday comes along and that idea flies out of the window. would love to win your RAK!

ponyo said...

Hi, Lynn! I'm from inspireMe! I posted your link to my blog!!! You and your works are really pretty! I'll come and visit again!

skyline said...

Hi Lynn! My Dec is a blast so back from holiday and looking like a half tan black chicken cos the tan is so uneven!! Kudos to saving money....tough to balance spending and saving when you scrap! :) have a good holiday!

Wanda said...


It is hard t osave during Christmas but you can do it!!!
I have my Birthdauy coming (Dec 19)
which I will celebrate with my husband and kids.I've being busy as well with Christmas craft but got a BAD COLD that doesn't want to go away.
Happy Holidays!!!
best regards,
Wanda C.

SnapWhiz said...

Hi Lynn!

I'm also guilty of storing up a few things but have made a resolution to stop buying more right now.

Thanks for the fun chance to win a RAK!

Merry Christmas!!

Paper Dolls said...

My stash is a mess but am trying to finish up the last of the Christmas gifts I am making.... I love Graphic 45 but have a hard time finding it in stock at the LSS!!

Ponyo said...

Hi Lynn, okay this is my 2nd time to post. I'm having a good December! There was this shop who wants me to design for them from nest year!!! Wow!! This is my first experience for me, so I'm REALLY excited!! Can't wait!!

Have a great holiday, Lynn!!!