Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy birthday to me! :)

Sorry for being away for the past couple of days..
The hectic period will not be over till the end of the month but I'm trying my very best to stay in touch here! :)

First of all, I sincerely want to thank those of you Sweeties who still dropped by here to give me the most wonderful, uplifting comments.
I'm grateful for these priceless reminders that I'm not forgotten. So thank you for that!
I can't wait to visit your blogs soon once I'm done with that hectic teaching job of mine. :)

Secondly, I just want to wish myself a Happy Birthday here! 
I've no time to celebrate with my family and friends just so you know..
It's gotten really depressing for me to turn down their requests for lunch and dinner dates.
I know I shouldn't put work before them but I simply CANNOT leave my students on their own for the coming examinations.
If I were to do that, I'll feel guilty while having that birthday dinner or lunch.. 
Even if I have to sacrifice dinner to just help them with one more question for the day, I'll gladly do so.
I'm that passionate or rather stubborn (as termed by the unhappy boyfriend). laughs
See how HAGGARD I've become after working every single day of the week for the past few months? 
Even my normally good skin starts protesting with a series of eczema! EEKS!
Don't even get me started on the eyebags and dark eye circles.. :(

Anyway, you know I love to do giveaways especially on special days like these!
At least I gotta celebrate here on my little blog.
So, all you need to do is to leave a little comment here, telling me how you'll celebrate your birthday if you've NO TIME.
It's just for fun! :P

I've a couple of giveaways to do!
Sorry for not loading the pics up due to time constraint but these are the giveaways for my nicest readers in the world!
1) A pack of SEI papers and embellishments
2) A vintage kit with seam bindings, prima roses, little tags, ticket stubs and resin flower appliques
3) A set of papertrey ink stamp from the latest release (I ordered one more set especially for you!)
You know how crazily obsessed I've been over Papertrey ink recently!
So I just want to share what I love with you!

If you want some nice clothes from Fondrey, head over to my other blog for the giveaways!
I'm giving away TWO Fondrey vouchers worth $10 each! :)

 Alrighty mateys, I shall end the post with my favourite picture of us taken like a month ago!
He's bringing me somewhere romantic for dinner later today.
I have to postpone one class for this dinner so it better be good! :)


shaggyfish said...

Happy birthday to you Lynn ! If I have no time the least I will is eat with my love ones, and you did it! Hope your romantic dinner was fun and of course fill withlove!! You crazy, I love the stamps, omg!!!! Extra order for us, I want to be the lucky one , keke

Joanna said...

Happy birthday to you!!!! WHOOO.....If I have no time I'll postpone the dinner of course (must make up for it!) but on the day itself I'll just have a nice meal with my hubby!

And..Thanks for the chance to win..I LOVE THE STAMPS (like Pooi!) oh my gosh...and u know how much I love papertreyink stamps too! I hope I win!!

Scrapthat said...


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Lynn!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Enjoy your ROMANTIC dinner tonight, Lynn :) May you have a blessed and Wonderful birthday ! xo

tweetybird said...

Happy Birthday 2 u!^_^ if i dun haf much time to celebrate i will treat myself wif dessert/a small birthday 4 myself 2 sweeten up my birthday even if there is no celebration.n at e end of dae when my wrk is done i will meet up my bf 4 a while 2 tek a short walk or juz 2 spend abit of time 2dae. its e quality dat even if its juz 4 a will end my birthday wif utter sweetness.=)

Jeanette said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway!! I'll stay home, watch heaps of Korean dramas and treat myself to a whole tub of ben and jerry's!!

The Crazy World! said...

WHEEEEE. MS WULING! Happy Birthday! (: I lost my phone, so cant text you to wish you but I'll wish you here. Happy '21st' Birthday! Hahahah. Stay happy and pretty. Thanks for putting in your heart and soul to tutor us and I really like the way you tutor us! Hehe. (:



Viola Mahr said...

birthday blessings! You share a birthday with someone I love very much.... and o my, gasping over your giveaway!!!!!!! I want BOTH the vintage kit and the PTI stamp set! but I guess the stamp set comes first :) woo hoo Lynn, thank you for your generosity in sharing these lovelies! I wish you the best; rest well and take care of your tiredness :) things will be better in the days ahead!!!!!!!


tweetybird said...

btw..i hope i can b lucky enough 2 get e set of papertrey ink stamp.I nv had 1 b4. thanks 4 e giveaways!

Sharon said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lovely Lynn! Hope you had a great time with your family and your boyfriend! With time constraints, I suppose check in a nice hotel over the weekend will be a nice treat and getway from the hectic real world! Do check out Agoda Website for fantastic great discount for hotel stay in most countries. I just did that for my pre-bday treat with my hub and my l'il sweetie at Marina Mandrin over the weekend. We had a fun and enjoyable time!
I hope I am not too late for the chance to win your pretties giveaway! :P

Geraldine said...

I guessed I am late. Happy belated birthday, Lynn

MamaJ said...

Happy belated birthday! Its really nice of you to sacrifice all your time for your students, you're really a dedicated teacher! :) Hang in there and do take care... I'm sure your students really appreciate all the time you're putting in, and I think they'll do really well!

Thanks for the giveaway, the vintage kit sounds so so nice! If I had no time, I'd celebrate my birthday by having a nice dinner with my two fav boys (the hubby and my son).

JaN said...

Happy birthday Lynn! Remember no matter hw busy or hw things don't seem to work the way it is suppose to. You hv to take care of yourself and love urself! Time will not come back so enjoy yrself and CElebrate!

Sandy Ang said...

Happy belated birthday !
Exams (even other peoples') can be so stressful. Hopefully, it'll be over soon.