Friday, October 15, 2010

Is that annual blues for real?

Sorry for not blogging as often as I would like to.
I've been holding back most of the time because I'm going through a rough time recently and I am not sure if I want to spoil your day if you're hopping for some inspiration or happy posts.

Well, I'm definitely going to be positive about this so just bear with me while I rant alright? :P

It's a lot to do with my relationship with my loved ones.
I have been working too hard I guess.
I always tell people who tell me to relax that I've a goal, to earn as much as I can so that my Dad can retire right away. If only I am capable enough.
Sadly, it doesn't take any brain to know it will backfire.
Working day and night, not having adequate sleep and even forgetting to take my meals regularly have become the worries of my parents.
I thought that they would be proud to have a daughter working hard to give them a better life but it turned out all wrong.
Then I stopped in my tracks, and realised that I've no one to turn to when I want to relax.
I've been too indulgent in my work that I forgot to make time to bond with friends, family and the boyfriend.
I've idolised working for money and not for God.
What an ugly confession but how real it seems to me right now, 
just after a session of quiet time with God.
He is amazing, really.
Makes me see things as clear as day.
So I've decided to relax a little, on weekends.
Not to worry so much about the never-ending work, not to worry about my students' exams too much, not to worry about feeling guilty when I don't work for a day (criteria for a true blue workaholic by the way).

I'm going to make my days more meaningful by just spending the day with my boyfriend at the beach(we've never done that!).
By having a long dinner with my parents without having to rush off to do my work.
Waking up early to go for a run and a swim perhaps?
I've not done such healthy routines for a long, long time..

Tough times don't last, tough people do.
That's my birthday resolution this year.

What do you think? :)


Sandy Ang said...

Take good care of yourself. How great to see you enjoying time with your family and friends.

Sue said...

Hi Lynn, step back and relax for a bit, especially as school exams are over (almost over?). We must have a crop soon to unwind. :)

Lynn said...

haha thanks ladies!!
Exams are far from over Susan!
The primary sch kids are having their exams next next week and my O level students only end their exams in Nov.. :(

shaggyfish said...

take care lynn!!
never tooo late to do what you want to do! tough people lasts!!!

Viola Mahr said...

Lynn, I agree. never put your "goals" before what is most important. I don't feel bad when you don't post, but I check back often to see when you will! :)


eMeLiNe Seet said...

you deserve to be taken care of and relax a little! don't work too hard yah :)

Lynn said...

I'm so touched by all your concern!
Feel so much better already!!
Will return with a post real soon! :)
A birthday's still something to celebrate! :)

Ruth said...

heys lyn! haven't been around much, so sorry. but hang in there girl! the Lord is good and may His joy be your strength in difficult moments okay! :)

and happy birthday!! :)