Monday, November 22, 2010

Insane scrapping weekend!

Happy Tuesday!
I haven't been around for some time and it's got to do with an insane amount of creating! :)
For the first time in a long time, I stayed at home the whole weekend only to eat, sleep and scrap!
In case any conclusion about me turning mental is made, I’ve to tell you that I’m preparing lots of little scrappy goodies to sell at a flea in the coming weekend.
It’s going to be my first flea. Really excited about this whole thing as I’ve never ever been to a flea.
With not a single idea of what to expect or how to deal with any situations, I’m going to just go all out with my guts and God’s blessings.
Do share any tip about fleas if you have, I really appreciate it!
I’m considering making these little bookmarks to sell at the flea, a scary thought though considering that the boyfriend and I spent one whole full day making all 30 bookmarks for the kids in his class.
It’s kind of an end-of-year goodbye gift before they move up another level with a new teacher. When he told me how sweet his kids are, (read: wait for him every single morning at the school gate to welcome him and even hold his hands as they walk in school together, I wonder if he’s some major superstar in school! Lol) I immediately agreed to chip in my scrap supplies on the condition that we do the bookmarks together.
Note the slightly uneven stamping of the flowers below the tickets, that’s sweet proof that the boyfriend didn’t totally slack during the session. I insisted on stamping the words in the scallop circle as I know how important crisp stamping is for words! Hee me and my anal protective syndrome!
I’m not sure if some of you have the same insecurities issue as me. I’m always thinking that I can do the cutting more accurately, the stamping more evenly, the die-cutting more thriftily, the ribbon-tying more beautifully and so on.. I wonder if I’m the only one who feels this!
Anyway, I did this card for a consignment. 
I’m always stumped when it comes to creating for males. I make such girly cards that I feel embarrassed knowing that the recipient is a man. 
Still, I can’t help putting in that crumpled vintage looking seam-binding and tiny rose to complete the look. 
You just can’t take shabby-chic out of me, period!
Oh how I love November..
It's my second favourite month after October.
Just love the feel of fall
Everything starts slowing down, embracing the festive seasons at year end..
Speaking of festive seasons, I've been hunting down lots of gorgeous dresses for Fondrey. My partner is trying to stop me from buying up almost all the dresses from our own shop. Well, certainly to no avail since I get to the pieces first hand! haha

Oh this is Christina, my quarrelsome partner. LOL

Before I go off to create more stuff, I just wanna share that I’ve put up the Art from the heart kit up on etsy
You can see the contents in the description there. That’s not all from the crazed weekend scrapping. 
These are going up, along with more to come over the next few days.
Thanks for staying with me as I blabbered non-stop like a machine gun here. 
That’s an after effect from a whole weekend of staying at home! 
I’m not complaining though.
Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend! :)
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint
Isaiah 40:31


Joanna said...

This is so lovely Lynn! I love the tickets!!!

Sue said...

pretty pretty stuff there, Lynn. I like the tickets. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn! So excited to hear about the flea! Is it the one at expo? I'm going! I'm going to have to meet you then! :) What's your stall? SOO excited!

I don't care that your card was for a guy, it's PERFECT> I love the seambinding and rose, and yes, it looks girly:D ... loving the tags too.

Can't wait! :)


Lynn said...

Yeah it is!!
From 26th to 28th Nov, in Hall 3B! Same days as the IT fair!

Come and support me!! :)
I've no idea what the stall number is yet! We're gonna have balloons tied around so just spot a stall with balloons?! :)

I love your trinket pins too! Can't wait to receive them!!

Anonymous said...

YAY~! :) Balloons are super easy to spot... I'll be right there! and if you have too much space in your stall, I'll help you fill it up with stuff! :D and help you pay some of the fee... but that's just a crazy idea! :) Looking forward to seeing you! :)


sharon said...

So exciting! Hope I could pop by there over the weekend. Really love to meet you in person and of course see your pretty craft:)

Lynn said...

HAHA Viola,
I'm sure you can do it!
I've been preparing like crazy but it never seems enough! :(
I'll have a really sparse stall I guess, so please fill up the void with your chit chats and laughter! :)

Lynn said...

Sharon, come come!!
I wanna meet you too! :)
You're making me so full of anticipation for Friday to come! :)

Anonymous said...

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