Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scrappy Monday + some post birthday sharing..

Papers from Webster 6 by 6 papers (Email me if you wish to purchase one), Frame from Tattered Angels, Rose resin applique (Coming up in my etsy soon!), Tea stained seam binding (my etsy), pin from Jenni Bowlin, mirror charm (selling soon in one of my kits soon) and ticket stubs (selling soon in my etsy store), stamped sentimenets from Papertrey ink
I seem to be more of a cardmaker these days..
Not sure why, making cards give me a bigger sense of satisfaction than a layout.
I love to give cards to people I care about, letting them know how much I love and appreciate them.
So, if I ever give you a card, do know I made the card with you in mind! :)
The roses were showcased before they, like beauty, wither and die.
I love those roses no matter what..
They're the sweetest gifts I receive for my birthday this year..
It's a hush affair this year as I step into my mid twenties..
How time flies..
I feel like I stop growing at 18 though. LOL
I still do the things I did when I was 18.
Still wearing that winnie the pooh pyjamas to sleep,
still making pouty faces whenever I like it,
still a little tactless when speaking to people,
still digging late night suppers and haagen daz ice cream,
still gushing over receiving roses,
still behaving like a kid in the candy store when I see beautiful papers, ribbons and anything pretty,
The only thing that changes is age.

Till I see wrinkles, that'll be all.
The age of a woman doesn't mean a thing.  
The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sue said...

You make some of the prettiest cards, Lynn. Would have loved to chat more with you last Saturday. Maybe another time. :)

Robin said...

Hi Lynn
saw your scrapebook blog while googling for one :) but i am interested to know your makeup/beauty secrets because you look so dewy and fresh in your photo. can share what is your favorite base makeup that keep you looking so fresh/sweet? and if ok, may i know what skincare you use? oops, sorry hope it's ok, i can't help but to ask more since you are so pretty :))) thanks !
Robin tiffany

Anonymous said...

Happy Post-Birthday, lynn :) Love the quote about a woman's age... it's TOTALLY true about the oldest fiddles playing the best! :) Trust me! I'm a fiddle (string instrument anyway) girl...... and well, I'm not old ANYway. Younger than you for sure ;) ..

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cards. I love everything you make! and follow your blog zealously! :)


Lynn said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your sweet compliments!! :)
I use Chanel and Mac make up base alternatively and I'm using skincare products from Clarins and Dermis.

Hope this helps! :)

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

Elegantly made card...

jazsutra said...

Lynn sure look like you had a great birthday!!!!! Stay young and prettyyyyy always!!! ;)


Sandy Ang said...

Another lovely card !

Ruth said...

hello! haven't commented in a long while :)
great to see that you are doing well and all.

when was the last crop anyways? hee.

hee, have a blessed christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

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