Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shopping Day

Happy National Day! Never had such a lonely National Day before! Went shopping alone. Spent more than 500 today! arrgh!! There goes my shopping curb again! Bought my skincare from Clarins. Feel the pinch man.. The night cream alone cost 100 bucks. :( Collected my spectacles today.. Haiz, another 350 gone. I hate my eye infection! It's the most cumbersome thing in the world.. Had to apply eye drops every three hours and eye GEL every 6 hours. I hate the eye GEL, it stings my eye each time I apply it. What's the most annoying of all? The doctor told me that I can't put on contact lenses for a few weeks! Arrgh.. WHY IS IT THE MOST ANNOYING THING IN THE WORLD? Annoyance 1: I can't play vigorous sports. Not that I'm an avid sports person, but I can feel the annoyance when I played badminton with my tuition kids yesterday. I jumped up and down so violently that my spectacles almost fell off. The rest of the time is, well, spent on refraining from being too active in playing. Only losers like me will try to be less active in playing sports. -.- Annoyance 2: I look like a nerdy geek! Grrr.. This is what I wish for.. Refer to Annoyance 3. Annoyance 3: ALL my students said I look like an Ah Ma! What the hell! That's also when I had enough and gave my 4 year-old spects early retirement. It kept sliding off cos it's loose and old and it makes me look like an AH MA. Pengs. Here's my new spectacles! :) Annoyance 4: Slave Yap and my family doctor say I look pretty with spects. Why am I annoyed then? Cos they accentuate the fact that the rest of the world think otherwise. sobs Annoyance 5: Photoshoot on 16th August, Sat. I seriously have not seen anyone wearing geeky spects with bikini in a photoshoot. Damn. I really need to wear my contacts. Annoyance 6: EYE DROPS AND EYE GEL EVERY NOW AND THEN Enough has been said about this I guess. Annoyance 7: I look spastic when I alight from very cold buses. Cos my spects will turn very misty and for a moment I'll pause to allow it to clear and block the way. And the list goes on.. Anyway, this made my day today.. JOKE OF THE DAY When I was about to pay for my super exorbitant bikini at newurbanmale today, the flushed staff came to me and asked in the most polite way, "Have you seen the bottom of the bikini you just tried?" Immediately I protested said I wouldn't wanna only take the bottom.. yadee yadee. I was getting a lil annoyed when I realised that I was still wearing it. I don't think I should save the face and leave with a guilty conscience. So, I plucked up all my courage and told them sweetly that I was wearing it. Arrgh!!! I hurried into the changing room to change out of it and return it to them. Not surprisingly, I heard soft giggles when I was taking it out. They definitely don't think I intended to take it since I bought the exact piece which's new. So so so EMBARRASSING la!!! At least I didn't allow my mighty pride gets in the way! My new love. Tata.

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