Sunday, August 3, 2008


Whine #1: FATS I attribute it to the Genting trip. Goodness! I think I've put on at least 3 kg over the 3 days of gorging on 7 meals a day, approximately. Worst of all, The crazy Roy came up with the "drink water if you lose" games every night. Imagine my poor bloated stomach retiring for the nights without resting!! Arrgh. What a holiday! On the side note, it's pretty fun. Especially for a workaholic like me. I can finally take some time off to rest. Whine #2: EYE INFECTION But my eyes are hurting like crazy. That's why I've been damn moody throughout the trip.. I'm gonna see the doctor tomorrow. Finally after procrastinating for a week. But I don't wanna be slapped with an eye infection though I'm pretty sure it's one. I don't wanna spend a bomb going to the eye specialist And getting my poor eyes to go through tests and tests. After hearing my EVIL future bro-in-law's impersonating the eye specialist's procedure on eye infections, I'm freaking scared of eye specialists! Whines whines whines. I'll be good my eyes. Please don't give me any infection. My photoshoot is on 16th Aug! -.- Whine #3: SCHOOL The freaking term starts again. It never fails to amaze me how I can be annoyed every start of the term over CORS. Really freaking annoying. Seriously, you don't expect a 4th year student still whining over not winning any modules. And for God's sake, I've been whining for the past 3 years. Time flies like mad.. I have not gotten over how CORS made me cry like a baby in year 1.. Arrgh.. this is pure torture. Sorry my dear blog, you're my number one love for being a whining outlet. Your mere existence holds such importance in my life man. Love you!

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