Friday, March 6, 2009

Project mates

One of the issues you face as a student is about school politics. Yes, politics even before you enter the workforce. Especially so in my final semester, I see the ugly side of human nature. I've seen girlfriends falling out over projects and even resorting to students sucking up to the prof in the hope of getting a better grade during presentations. Presentations are the heavyweights in each module, second to the final paper. Not surprisingly, even someone so uncompetitive like me can become very concerned about project presentations. I got a shock of my life last Wed when I presented with my group mates. In all fairness, even slack members will put in effort when it comes to presenting their bits, though they slack A GREAT DEAL when it comes to brainstorming and coming up with the materials. My group mates are not only slack, they are totally unprepared for the presentations! Goodness.. One actually had stage fright in the middle of the presentation and silence filled the seminar room for a good few minutes while we struggled to speak for her. The other slack one did not prepare his slides, after MANY warnings from us and presented his parts in stutters. I supposed we were degraded for not ending the presentation on time and for the hiccups for whatever reason. At the end of the day, I'm shocked at what had happened. The good thing out of this is that I appreciate my other 4 group mates even more for the fluent presentation after multiple rehearsals and preparations. I made these bookmarks to thank them! Thanks girls, for being such great project mates! O

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