Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scrapping mode

I've not scrapped in the longest time and guess what?! I made 3 layouts in a day just to enter for the G45 DT call. It's one of my favorite brands around and their papers are so gorgeous and easy to scrap for old photos. I made two layouts using their papers and the other layout was made mainly from K & Co. My mum's birthday was yesterday and our family had a great time spending the whole day together. It has been a long time since we went out for dinner. We even bowled before dinner and I saw my Dad bowl for the first time in my life! He's so good at it, despite the fact that his last bowling session was 20 years ago and he sprained his back last fortnight! Though I was excited about seeing him bowl, something I had been looking forward to since young as he won lots of trophies, I was extremely worried about him aggravating his injuries! What a contradiction but it turned out fine. Thank God for that! On another note, my mum acted like a gleeful little girl, smiling from ear to ear the whole day at the activities we planned for her. Instead of buying her presents which she strongly discouraged, I made a layout for her and paid for dinner! I guess she's happier this way!

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