Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I won.

Hi, I did this layout quite some time ago but forgot about posting here! Love the kebayas that we got to wear during the MSI finals that I've to scrap it! Photobucket Details: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket This is Shine and me in the lovely Kebayas sponsored by Moo! They're so gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them again for my portfolio as part of my Ms Photogenic prize. Yes I didn't win anything except for that! Lol The pageant has definitely been a ride given the short period that I'm given to prepare for it. I was the last to join so I didn't get to know the other contestants well. Of my naivete (as always highlighted by the boyfriend), I was appalled by the ungracious behaviour of some contestants whom I shall not name. Of course there are some others who are extremely sweet, Shine's one of them!! Photobucket I've learnt so much about human nature, especially on the final night that the real competition is not on stage. The backstage is the where the catfights are. The judges were really fair that night and I lost out on the lousy walk and the ugly posture I maintained the whole night! I almost fell during the rehearsal because of the uneven stage and it struck a fear in me the whole night when I was on stage so my eyes were darting up and down to make sure I would not trip. That's a big NO NO for pageant walks! 2nd factor that attributes to the lousy performance: I was way too conscious about my revealing gown that I can't help but place my hands near my gown so that I would not over expose myself. You'll then ask, why then did you choose such a revealing gown? Here's my take. The lady on the fitting day promised to alter for me as the gown's too big so she sewn this tiny buckle on the halter strip but the weight of the gown was too much for it to bear and so it gave way during the final rehearsal that day. I wanted to try on the gown left by a contestant who was forced to withdraw due to irregular attendance for practices and before I get to take it off the hanger, this very assertive contestant came up and forced me to let her try first. I agreed and that marked the last contact I had with the gown. This resulted the revealing gown that made me uncomfortable the whole damn night as my parents and BOYFRIEND were sitting right in front of the stage. See why I was insecure the whole night? Photobucket This is how revealing my gown looks!! Arrgh! Photobucket Taken with the nicest winner I've ever met, Wei Ee, who is heading the young SWA (Singapore Women's Association). I'm going to see her more as I've signed up as a volunteer to help the less fortunate! Photobucket With Annabelle, this year's winner! She's such an elegant lady. Photobucket Beng chye, the official photographer, gave me the Ms Photogenic prize. lol Well, there're several other upsets behind stage which really affected my mood a great deal that night but above them all, I managed to keep my cool. It didn't come from me alone, I'm dead sure about it. It all came from Him. I could've blown my top and thrown a big tantrum. Or be mean and nasty and force the hairdressers and make up artists to touch up on my hair and face the whole night. Or snapped at the one who denied me of a better fitting gown and not allow her to try the gown first! I didn't do all these because I want to please God. I kept thinking about Jesus all the while and he told me that I'll make the Father unhappy if I were to bite others just because they did the same to me. I've this adamant feeling that God didn't want me to think about winning that night, he wanted me to think about doing the right things. Doing things that would make him proud of me as a Christian. I prayed for those who hurt me that night and the nights that followed. I won that night because my heart was right with God and nothing else mattered. :)


izzy said...

vuling i LOVE your new blog header pic!! and this post is awesome too..two thumbs up for winning ;)

My Memories said...

Hi Babe, so happy to see you at the shop today and finally get to say Hi... you look beautiful in the contest.. and of course in person too.. :)