Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello November!

I hope I'm not forgotten!

I've been MIA-ing for a loooong time I know!
October has been really taxing for me!
So many birthday celebrations held that they're leaving me breathless!
So many additional lessons to be arranged for my students' exams!

I've been behind schedule for many deadlines and that's the disadvantage of being self-employed.
I just lack discipline and I'm praying so much for God to give me the strength to meet deadlines that I've set for myself.
Arrgh! I'm such a lazy bum!
I've so many dreams to fulfil and yet I'm merely building castles in the air by not acting on them.
Maybe blogging about this may help make me more motivated to STOP PROCRASTINATING!

I supposed I owed someone a giveaway!
That's like more than a month late and I'm terribly sorry about it so I'm going to post another giveaway (which will not be late!) to make things right, hopefully. That will happen in a week's time because I'm going to do something really drastic!

To clear my MESSY, really MESSSSSSY study cum scrap room!
Before and after pictures of the room will definitely be revealed when the time calls for it! I am going to give out quite a great deal of stuff so watch this space!

So yeah before I forget,
here's the lucky lady who won the giveaway:

acorna said...

Just started on scrapbooking. In fact, im currently working on my first layout which will be a gift for my bf for our anni :)
always looking forward to see your really original and pretty layouts

Congrats acorna!
This is yours to keep!


Please email me your address at
Soo sorry to keep you waiting! For the rest of the ladies who left a comment, thanks so much for dropping by with the sweetest messages! I can never thank you enough for the encouragement! :)

I'll be back probably tomorrow to share this lovely album I made for the boyfriend!


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Paper Dolls said...

I would love to see the mini album..... up close!