Thursday, July 15, 2010


I just realized I've not updated for more than a month!
Sorry if you've been lurking around for updates, I'm just mad busy!
I've been surviving only 4 hours of sleep each day for the past month working at RWS for the world cup event after teaching in the day.

Fell sick periodically throughout the month but still managed to survive!
Praise the lord for strength! :)

The strength He gave me is amazing, really!

So, this is what happened in June...

Organized our 3rd Young Scientist's Day!
Without fail, June is the month for all my students to present their little demonstrations or experiments.
Beaming with pride as I type this away..
Guess what we're waiting for?
A little parachute display by Emillime!
Rachel performing her very first demonstration in front of a crowd.
She did stunningly well and came up 2nd!

Kudos to the amateurs for being so brave to present in front of a crowd of more than 30 parents and fellow tuition mates.
Amazing what these little gems can come up with, isn't it?

Some are polished gems after years of training.
Shannon's run for the 3rd year. No hiccups this time!
Can't believe I've taught her for 4 years!
Our mini tea-break filled with yummy homemade food.
All credits to my aunt's trusty helper, Siti! Thanks a million!
Lim Jing's lovely mum giving her moral support at the peripheral.
We have really supportive parents who made tremendous effort to be present for their children. This meant so much to the kids and me!
Makes me reminisce of the times Daddy came for my prize-giving ceremonies, musical concerts and graduations. Some parents may think it doesn't matter but I tell you, it matters.
Matters the world to a child because parents are the centre of his or her life in childhood.
And WE remember.
We remember every single thing our parents do for us, and NOT do for us.
Sigh, I can foresee the impending doom of entering parenthood in a couple of years. LOL
Anyway back to the photos..

These photos are just a fraction of what had been taken.
Sorry for eye-soring you!

It all ended up in a fight.

Nah.. It's just Yuen Zhi demonstrating Center of Gravity. How fun!
He actually suggested for me to slam him down too!
If I wasn't wearing a skirt, I would!
That's me presenting the prize to Lim Jing who did a fabulous job! :)

A pretty long post, isn't it?
Thanks for being with me after a long hiatus! :)
Take care and God bless! :)


Ruth said...

hey lyn! great to hear an update from you after so long! :) good that you're doing good! :)

first time i hear of the science experiment presentation for tuition, how nice! :)

Lynn said...

Thanks Ruth!
I'm also glad to be back blogging!
I miss reading comments from you too! :)