Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ten thankful things

you, for being such wonderful readers.
For not forgetting this little humble blog of mine though I was MIA for a month!

this supportive and inspiring network that allows me to anchor my life upon.

every single sweet comment, email or facebook msg that shows you care.
Believe it when I say I drop everything possible to reply you.

having these wonderful friends who fill my life with laughter

having her for the whole World cup month
along with these girls and muscular boy to take care of us throughout the nights!

for the shoes which kept me awake every World cup night.

the photography class I attended, which is really eye-opening!
I'm the awkward-looking bespectacled forlorn-looking girl smacked right in the middle of nowhere!

for having these pretty cousins to perk up my life!
Ebell, 12
Kang Ling, 15
Wei Ling, 30s

this room that I can't live without
Messy but I love!

this man who loves me unconditionally, not.
He wants me to love him back. lol

a faithful God who loves me unconditionally.
It's a shame when people like us 'love' Him conditionally.

We may not understand God's plans for us but we have to trust His will. That we will only get stronger. Hold on for God's with us.

This song hit me real hard and if you're a believer, it should hit you too.
God doesn't give you everything you want because you're way beneath Him and his wisdom.
He knows what's best, he always does.

PS: I'm gonna do this on a regular basis too!
We should always be thankful for everything that happens in our life, shouldn't we?


Tomoko said...

Hi Lynn,
Good to hear your doing great!!!!! Wow, there's so many stunning creations on that shelf!!!!!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Hiya Lynn :) it's an amazing song always so ministering each time i hear it... u are such a beautiful blessing to people around u too :)

MamaJ said...

I totally agree with being thankful on a regular basis (we try to do it once a week to keep from being complainy haha), and I especially liked no. 10! Have a good week!