Monday, July 26, 2010

This awful feeling

I need some adjustment time to get back to blogging.
Just so awful coming back to this dilapidated blog and seeing that it isn't active.

I've more than a hundred projects to post, more than a thousand ideas to share but I just lack the motivation to do it, especially after such a long haitus.
Do you get days like this?

Sigh... World cup really takes the life out of me.
I've been trying hard to revert back to the healthy biological clock whereby I get up in the morning and sleep before midnight.
Nothing is more difficult for a night owl like me. :(

So anyway, I'm thinking of having those 'Scrappy Sundays' kind of routine so that I blog regularly.
Just to get me back into scrapping (I've forsaken my scrap supplies for more than a month and they're calling out to me) and inhabiting this space before rust and dust reside.

Just want to know if this is a good idea, I'll really be glad if I get some constructive responses from the lovely people reading this! :)

On another note, I'm terribly sorry about forgetting to wish my blog a happy 2nd year blog-anniversary!
I've long prepared some mini-giveaways some time back in May.
Leave some blog love in the comments section for a chance to win one of these.

Some of my favourite craft supplies..
Handmade and handpicked by me!
Just to thank you for popping by often! :)

Have a good day and make a card for someone special today.

Vintage roses paper and brown ledger paper from Making Memories, Blue floral paper from Melissa Frances, Frame chipboard from Tattered Angels, Sentiment, border and button images stamped from Crafty Secrets, Hand-scrunched seam bindings available in my etsy shop soon, rose from Prima Marketing, cardstock from American Crafts


Joanna said...

Here's wising your blog a happy second anniversary!

I love the idea of scrappy sundays..will be glad to read it (since i always read your blog!)

P.s: Can I ask where you bought the pink seam binding from? online? I can't seem to find it in stores here!

have a great week!

Alice said...

Hey Lynn, I love ya blog coz of ya inspiring scrapbooking projects!
So I'm definitely for the idea of Scrappy Sundays, the beautiful works of yours should be appreciated by lotsa more people, than to leave them lying around somewhere in ya room? Don't ya think so? :)

jazsutra said...

Lynn, i think you are such a beautiful teacher!!! so do you teach in the schools? and you are one such dedicated one.both my parents were teachers too ;)

Happy 2nd anniversary to your blog ;) {u may exclude me for the draw ;) gv others a chance ya.thou your stuffs are sooo pretty .i will be brave haha}

and nice modelling for your fren there ;) teehee

hv a great week ;)

Fern said...

Sure! I want you to post your projects at least once a week cos I miss seeing them! :) Wow, you created all those craft materials yourself? Where did you get the seam binding - I've been hunting all over SG for it! Would love to receive a pack of the goodies! :)

Fern said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my email:

PaperCandy said...

Hi! I love your card-style! Not easy to find other card makers here in SG :) Thanks for sharing your work, I'd love to see more in your Scrappy Sundays!

Joyce said...


Ure works have always been inspirational and "romantic" feel (which I likey)..

If U're going to have scrappy sundays, I'll be there to read it always.

also, happy blog anniversary.

Cheers, Joyce

Lynn said...

Hi Joanna,

Great to know you love the idea!
The seam binding is from online shop from US.
I sourced for a long time for it but they only sell by bulk so I'm gonna put it on sale in my etsy store!

I'm really in love with the seam bindings! Catch them in some of the projects that I'll be posting up!

Lynn said...

Thanks Alice!
You must have been to my scrap 'storeroom'! How do you know I've tons of projects fighting to be seen on the shelves?
Must make a mental note to show you a piece of the messy room one day!

Lynn said...

Hey Jaz!

Nice knowing you're brought up by teachers! Teachers unite!
You're a teacher too! I promise to attend your class at Laines one day!!
Btw I don't teach in schools, my boyfriend who's also a teacher (under MOE bond) warned me against teaching in schools.
He's burnt out from MANAGING the class.
I rather be burnt out from TEACHING. lol

You have a good day too! :)

Lynn said...

Hallooo Fern!

You can read my reply to Joanna!
I'll be selling them on my etsy store soon as I bought them in bulk!
You can also drop me an email if you're keen on getting a few yards!
I've more than a hundred yards to spare!

And thanks for the feedback!
I can't wait to start on my 'Scrappy Sundays'! :)

Joanna said...

Hi Lynn,
So glad you're willing to sell your seam binding! I love it heaps and it's really so hard to find (virtually impossible) in Singapore!

MamaJ said...

Hello! Found your blog sometime back via Joanna's blog, and have been popping by. :) Happy 2nd anniversary to your blog!

The Crazy World! said...

Hey Ms Wuling,
Glad to see you back to blogging! HAHA. I do get this feeling sometimes when I have stacks of homework to do but I just don't feel like doing. :P Isit about the same as your feeling? Heehee. (:

Anyway, goodluck and I look forward to more posts!