Tuesday, August 10, 2010

thinking of you..

Where has the long weekend gone?!
I have a million plans but only half accomplished.
Not too bad I guess.
The seam binding task is not yet completed.
Details will be up in a few days' time I promise!

So the weekend is spent catching up with old friends over karaoke and spending tons of time (by my standards) with the boyfriend!
He's still not very happy that I didn't spend ALL my time with him so I made him a little card to cheer him up! lol
Papers from Webstere pages (lullaby lane), butterfly & border punched from Martha Stewart, crochet flower and lime green crysanthemum flower from stash, stamps of sentiment, clouds and rainbow from Papertrey ink stamp set (Up, up & away), ink from Rangers distress ink.Sorry to side track, I just have to gush about my papertrey ink stamps!
Super versatile to use on cards!
This is my favourite card so far.. with my favourite lullaby lane papers from Websters and those lovely stamped images..
I hesitated for a long time before deciding to give this to the disgusted-with-me-for-liking -the-card-more-than-him boyfriend.
I'm glad I did.
The boyfriend is more important than any card in the world right?

Okay, so where was I?
Back to how my long weekend was spent.. yups.
Time had been well-spent I must say!
Scrapping took a backseat as I'm in the midst of setting up a blogshop selling clothes and accessories with my friends!
You can tell how excited I am about it by spilling the beans right here!

Before Scrapbooking took over my life, clothes and shoes and earrings and pots of colours were my everything!
I loved to dress up and play with make up, experiment with new looks and shop non stop!
It was on a looooong hiatus, can't remember how long though.. that I stopped splurging on those vanities.
Oh, the shopping didn't stop.
It merely changed direction. haha
to papers and ribbons and flowers, inks and everything pretty!

I'm back to befriending my trunks of clothes parked in my closet and trying the 100th pair of shoes in the shop.
No worries, the scrap hoarding will continue, especially when the CHA release is just too tempting for anyone to resist!

These are my favourites from Websters pages, they're such darlings to churn out beautiful designs every release.
I know of no other brand that blows me away like it does!
What're some of your favourite CHA release products?
I wanna know! :)

PS: For those who are interested in joining the papertrey ink spree, the deadline to submit your orders is 16th August. Their sale of their new release is on the 15th and I'm aiming to pocket some of their new stamps!
Email me at wuling_18@hotmail.com if you've more questions regarding the shipping cost!


curiousteph said...

Hello! I found your blog as I was exploring the Blogspot world. I love your work! It's so cute and creative, something I wish I could do. I enjoy reading your inspirational posts too =)

Lynn said...

Thanks curioussteph for visiting!
Do pick up scrapping! It's very therapeutic hobby! :)