Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scrappy Sunday #4 (lengthy post ahead!)

Saying Hi to readers following my Scrappy Sundays!
It's the 4th Sunday and I'm so glad that I'm still keeping it up!

 Details of the baby layout:
Love this stamped image from Crafty Secrets which goes so well with what I wanna say about my little cousin!
Did I tell you this pram is my favourite highlight of the layout. 
Especially so with the pearls and tiny 'made with love' metal tag binded by my very own tea-stained seam binding!

This recent project is done for a project by Milky Way for little Vera, who has trisomy 18.
I am doing this at no cost and Milky Way's kind owner, Kay, is forking out for all the material costs!

Little Vera's family does not have problems coping with such a lifestyle but we just want to come together for an afternoon of fun to do something for her!
A way to show that we love her in a special way and to celebrate the miracle that Vera's one of the 10% of Trisomy 18 babies who live past 1 year. :)
You can read about little Vera from her mother's perspective here
I've to say it's amazing what scrapbooking can do.
I'd have never imagined we can have so many ladies with hearts of limitless capacities come together and create something in the name of love.
Many of those who turned up are young mothers who have their hands full (with toddlers and babies to take care of) and yet forked out the time and money to engage in this project!
I'm overwhelmed, to mention the least, and equally humbled to be able to be part of this event.
Special thanks to Kay for organizing this.
It's not easy for her to have to take care of 3 kids (without her helper for the time being) to book the venue, get snacks laid ready, take care of the funds and gather everyone up for this.
Thanks for being such a wonderful host and student too! :)

We still have a couple of kits of the above layout left, selling at S$100, of which the full proceeds go to Vera's imported bed from the States and milk powder. Kindly drop me an email ( if you think of chipping in a little love for Vera and I'll direct you to Kay who takes care of the funds. You can also chip in any amount you like for Vera's new bed and milk powder!

Kit will include 3 websters lullaby lane papers, 1 cream cardstock, tea stained seam binding, pearls, metal tag, lace ribbon, pink lace ribbon, 1 mini rose, 2 prima flowers, buttons and gems, crochet flower and tape glue.

Thanks for going throught such a lengthy post. I promise a light-hearted one next Sunday! 
I'll be posting up more photos of Scrapping for little Vera class soon, the adorable kids who helped their mummies cut scraps are too cute to be missed!


Sue said...

That's a beautiful layout, Lynn. Just perfect. It's wonderful that you're involved in such a meaningful cause too.

Fern said...

Thank you for sharing, Lynn. I had a little sister who lived for 2 weeks. She had Trisomy 18 too. Thank God that little Vera has the gift of life each new day! Many warm wishes for her life and wellbeing.

Lynn said...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here.. I really appreciate that! :)

Fern, I'm sure your sister's safe and happy up there with God. Thanks for sharing your story. :)