Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scrappy Sunday #6

Another Sunday has come and gone.
This week is amazingly short. I guess it's due to the packed schedule I have.
Working hard to help my PSLE and O levels students as much as I can,  working doubly hard for Fondrey.
They say it's easy to start a blogshop business? I beg to differ!
As my students' exams approach the corner, my scrapping time is cut down even more!
To be honest, I panicked a little when the weekend drew near, as I'm afraid I've no crafty stuff to share!
I do care about my commitment to host Scrappy Sundays to my friends who drop by so often! :)
So I searched my folder for many overdue projects that have yet to surface here.
And viola! I found this card I made for Nigel not long ago.
Websters die-cut paper, websters papers for cut outs, websters calendar papers, maya road blooms, alphas from Doodle bug, brad from Bo bunny and tea stained seam binding from my etsy store.
He's our Discipleship group leader, one of the most humble man I've seen in his walk with God.

This is his lovely muse, Grace, another godly woman. 
Full force of our DG.
The last huge gathering was during Christmas if I'm not wrong.

On the side note,
I can't wait to show you our preview picture for Fondrey!
We've Ah Vee do the shoots for us this time and he is amazing!!
I normally can't do non-smiling shoots and he managed to convince me to do it and now I'm in love with those edgy looks. lol

Do I look funny without smiling?!

Yeah I need constant assurance that I look fine.
So insecure I know.
Do shop at Fondrey later at 7pm! :)

Hope your Sunday is filled with God's blessing and love.


shaggyfish said...

you look cool non smiling! but smile is sooooo sweet tooo! hope your business is smooth and well :)

PaperCandy said...

GORGEOUS card. Love it totally! :)

P.S. honest opinion is that you look nicer smiling :D

Fern said...

EEK what a lovely card! and I find no fault with you whatsoever for adding a hat and flowers to a guy's card :)

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

That card looks really unique! and no you dont look funny at all...

Carla said...

Girl you are too CUTE!. Love that card.

Sandy Ang said...

Lovely card !

Stacy Cohen said...

You're so beautiful, Lynn (smiling or not!). I love the card!