Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scrappy Sunday #7 (belated)

I apologized for the late check-in here.
I've been busy every Sunday for Fondrey's launch.
It's almost taking over my whole life right now.
Even dinner conversations with the boyfriend do not end without a thousand mentions of how we can make Fondrey work!

I should just capture the exasperated look of my boyfriend one fine day just for your pleasure. LOL

So where were we?
Yups, belated Scrappy Sundays! :)
I've got a layout to share.
It's one of my favourite layouts with its soft vintage look, filled with colours I return to again and again.

Just to share some of my layering process..
Never throw those scraps of papers away, you should see the power of layering them under bigger scraps of papers.
What I always do is to place my photos and papers together to have a rough idea of how I want my layout to look before applying adhesive to it. I'm the play-safe kind of scrapper! 
I still find this incomplete. After running through my usual embellishments, I realized that I'm missing some gorgeous kick-ass Prima flowers and butterflies!

So here comes the completed layout. 
Anything more would overwhelm my lone photo.
The scoop
This moment is bliss.
Being a workaholic, this was one day last year when I can relax without thinking about work.
Of course, it isn't complete without this man I love dearly.


Hope your weekend has been blessed! :) 

I'm off to unpack my new Websters pages that've just arrived!
Rumour has it that I'm selling the new CHA release Websters pages on ebay.
If you want to lay your hands on the new collections, do email me for details on non ebay purchases.

Next post..
 A Websters pages giveaway! :)


Fern said...

This is terrible... no not the LO, but me! I can't ever make this look work! But you pulled it off totally Lynn, I love it! :) and yes the butterfly and prima roses are the icing on the cake as usual :)

Sue said...

This layout is so gorgeous, Lynn!

Sandy Ang said...

Charming and beautiful LO. Thanks for the step-by-step. Love the insight into how you create !

godblesswinnie said...

This LO is beautiful :D

Lynn said...

Thanks Fern!
You always have the nicest words for me! :)

And thank you so much Susan, Sandy and Winnie for leaving me so much love! :)