Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hi there! I've finally moved! I hope the kiddos will leave me at that! A few updates!! Really appreciate my dear friends who take time out to celebrate lumpy and my birthday.. Happy apple cum lumpy day!! The 3 behind doing their usual pose Love my girlfriends! Love Fun and her BIKER friends. Lol! Love jing and the phone chat we had a week ago. Love lumpy for her place to "nua"! Yappy and I! Wondering why I'm in a good mood today?! My first stamp shipment just arrived!! Hee I am so excited about packing the respective goods for Lena, Gladys, Grace and Yvonne that I decided to try the new alphabet stamps as a big name tag for their goodies! This is real fun.. It was Rebecca's 21st birthday last Sunday and I'm so proud of myself for making a guestbook for her! Did her make-up for her as well. Here are the pictures, as someone complained that my blog is too wordy! I coloured the cat and balloons!! I just so love Penny Black stamps and Prima flowers! Still, I will keep this blog MY venting outlet when I'm unhappy, so too bad for not being crowd-pleasing! Back to doing my term paper, arrgh!! Can't believe I can have a happy post today! It must be scrapbooking, it must be. :)

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