Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alpha L :)

Oh my. I scrapped again today. Can't be helped! After half a day at MWL, I went to Spotlight to buy these lovely stuff. So I can't resist making a pretty art on this! I'm in a really good mood today, finally saw Gladys after a long time. We chatted and shopped at MWL for a while today. I better control my spending before it gets out of hand. And Lena, thanks for the really sweet message today, I feel so much better after reading that. To be honest, I am not very satisfied with the work I submitted for the DT call. As much as I do not like to engage in self-handicapping, I really have no time to rush out the 5 items required for the application! I did them all in a week, so not very good quality there. -.-'' It doesn't help that Slave Yap is extremely critical of my work but this is really helpful so that I will work harder. That's why I'm really appreciative of Lena's message! It's really encouraging, not to say the least! :) I better get started on my studies, my test is TWO DAYS away!! Thanks for looking, if there's anyone looking. LOL


pIgArOO said...

i finally stalked my way to ur new blog add. HAHAHA.

oshkoshzzz said...

Yes, you should consider making it something serious, I'm very impressed by the quality of your work and the aesthetic value. I didn't know scraps can be so beautiful. Keep it up!


wuling said...

Dear passerby, thanks for the encouragement! I'm still quite new to scrapbooking so I really appreciate your suggestion! :)