Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clean and Green Singapore

It's really an eye-opener for me last Wednesday when I attended the Clean and Green Singapore with Carol, Wann Wah and Vivien, as Miss Earth representatives. Those little kids really amazed me with their abilities to communicate green messages across and best of all, their genuine passion in participating in this green movement. As a typical Singaporean, I am both skeptical and cynical about the green movement here in the local context, despite being one of the winners of Miss Earth. This is a trip I'll come to appreciate for a long time to come. Seeing how passionate and devoted these students are in putting up a good show and presentations at their respective booths really humbled me in ways I couldn't describe. I had never ever participated in such meaningful events as a student in my teens so you can imagine my awe when I'm approached by kids as young as 7 telling me about how they plan to go about saving the environment. Of course, they are not green missionaries overnight but you can never deny how well they have been nurtured by their school teachers to care for our Earth. I have been spending some time lately after this event learning more about (and thinking a lot about) clean energy, composting and organic gardening, conscious consumption and green living in general. While organic gardening may be a constraint in our land-tight island, we can sure do more in terms of composting (cool idea, an eight-year-old showed me their compost and how it can contribute as nutrients back to the soil and plants, our food producer) and conscious consumption (think hybrid cars!). I'm always grateful to what Mother Theresa once said, "One can do no great things, only small things with great love". Though Slave Yap thinks (he still does..) we, ordinary beings, can never do as much as the policy makers or even superpower nations such as the US in the environment arena to make as big an impact, I still want to do what I can in small ways. Small changes to make, something within or beyond your homes to conserve energy, to make this planet a little greener, a little better and a little cleaner. If everyone plays a part, we can initiate change and hopefully, the authorities will someday do too. Sounds like another Miss Earth's campaign speech huh? LOL Back stage where the young girls don their "recycled costumes" Such a pity that we did not have time to take pictures of them! They looked so confident and pretty! 3 of us without Ivy, who is away for the international Ms Earth competition in Manila! Best of luck, Ivy! : Darn, I hate standing beside Wann Wah!! Whines. More pictures after Vivien sent me the photos! I took a nice picture with a really cute girl who tugged at me, saying "I love your tiara, it's so nice!" to have her friends pulling her away and being apologetic about her act! She's so funny, just like when I was young. lol That's all for today, back to mugging for the coming exams!' xoxo wuling PS: I just saw Shi Ying's comment! Thanks for that little interaction dating back to a month ago, it makes my day! :)


Shi Ying said...

Haha I saw your reply and I agree with you 100%!

And in case you're wondering.. I saw your blog add at the MWL forum.

wuling said...

Oh my!
What a small world!
Are you a scrapper? =)