Friday, November 14, 2008

Scrap day!

Hello everyone! You'll be surprised that how I spent my week. Instead of mugging like any other self-respecting student, I've been scrapping all day long!! I'm so so so bad, unforgivable as my first paper starts next Sat!! Here are some layouts I've done over the week.. I did this on Wed when Rebecca came over instead of preparing for my presentation! It's thanksgiving month in US. Though we don't celebrate it in Singapore, I find it really meaningful. How many of us are thankful for everything we have? I'm thankful for having great friends, a supportive family and my very own existence. I don't want to leave this world regretfully without thanking my loved ones. So here I am, putting my scrapping to some use.. Counting my blessings. :) Worked on this layout the whole of today! No studying done at all, only scrapping, scrapping and scrapping! Lol Love this 'home' layout, supposed to title it 'family' but I'm lazy to stamp two more alphabets.. I'm getting very inspired these days, keep blog stalking scrapbook designers' blogs. I might enter this for the Design Team call at Made with love. Hee My worst layout. I did it last night till 6 in the morning.. I'm still looking at it, wondering why it looks so incomplete. Hope I can alter it and make it better soon.. Rebecca suggested that I should start a shop designing layouts for people who do not scrap.. Sounds like a really foreign idea to me as I don't think anyone will want to pay someone to scrap. Hmm, she is pretty confident that it'll work. haha I will consider after the exams cos I love to scrap! Now, back to mugging.. Goodnight!

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