Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My lovely house!

Photobucket I love this house so much that it slept beside me for two nights! I've finally finished altering the Maya road house over two nights of really hard work! The front of the house! Photobucket I used lots of Crafty secrets family stickers here. You can tell how much I love my G45 papers! The butterflies and the border bottom are from Making Memories. The side of the house Photobucket I spent lots of time on the details of the windows. I'm glad it turned out prettier than I thought! The roof is my sister's favourite part. I wonder if she saw that I attached a cross on it. (My whole family are non-believers, just in case you don't already know) This house is so going to be blessed by God! :) The backyard of the house Photobucket This is MY favourite! I had the idea of making shelves for the rocking horse and clock at my aunt's place days ago. She had a little windmill house and it has shelves of flowers in it. Praise the lord for the inspiration! The other side of the house Photobucket Did I mention that I spent a crazy 3.5 hours on die cutting and painting the fences? I'm such a sloooow scrapper.. But the Sizzix fence die is really one of the best buys I've ever made! :P Photobucket More details below... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Okay, your eyes can rest now! More pictures coming up in the next few days! Thanks Pooi and my other kids for encouraging me to try for the DT call. It's really fun to go on a scrap maniac the past few nights!


Absolut said...

hey, Wu Ling, Ilove your house! you should send your link to the maya road blog and maybe they'll feature your house on their website! I think you must have spent so much effort on it. So since i chanced upon your blog i thot I'll leave a comment!

P.S: I was at MWL yesterday and I think i saw you with your bunch of tuition kids and your long suffering boyfriend (as you put it!) who waits for you ever so patiently. You're really blessed to find someone like him!


iris said...

Hello! Your little house is absolutely amazing!! I love every single detail of it!

stinkydudette said...


The Crazy World! said...

OMG!! it is pretty! You must have put in lots of effort! there are lots of details and emblishments on the house... it's really pretty!! CLAPS CLAPS and Thumbs up to you!!

Shuanghui said...

The house is damn nice!!! Sorry for commenting so late because i have no time. XD haha. Yeah. The roof especially, so nice. and the details i saw in the pictures. I bet you spent a lot of effort. :D anyways, i think you are a great scrapper, Remember not to overwork and eat more!!! (even though you are a great eater) :P

wuling said...

Hi Absolut,

Thanks for the suggestion! I feel really blessed to have him! Thanks for dropping by here and I hope you can say HI to me the next time we meet at MWL! :)
God bless!

sulkingdoll said...

yihui here!
ohhhhmannnnnnn thats so pretty!!!!!
ure getting better at it lynn.
lets meet up soon! (: