Sunday, April 25, 2010

Delightful to share!

In between the hectic schedule of planning for my students' mock paper sessions and giving additional classes, I quite miraculously came up with the Mother's Day gift set class that they have been requesting since January!

Yup. The power of scrapbookers.
I 'converted' almost all my female students, even male ones into aspiring scrapbookers! LOL

Our school vacations are spent thronging the crowds at my LSS for hours.
Or they will fantasize about owning half of my you-can-imagine-how-much scrap supplies.

So here is the 'flyer' I came up for my mini Mother's Day gift set class.

I'm so looking forward to it as I've overwhelming responses for the classes!
Even the boys are coming up shyly to ask if they can take the class.
Of course you can, Silly heads!

I seldom brag about my bunch of 'kids'.
But beneath the non-chalent, as-if-I-care coat, they are one of the most filial kids I've seen!

Anyway I decided to share this good news with a blast!
I'll prepare one additional kit (for both the box and card) to be given to one of you.
Just leave me a comment on anything that makes your day recently and I'll draw one winner before 1st of May!
Oh yes..
I can't wait to blog about my wonderful Sunday at church.
This has to be the best Sunday ever in my life so far.

Fill you in a while!
May God bless you with good health and happiness.


G said...

This is gorgeous!!! I may be at petals this weekend to visit my dad. May drop by to say hi... All the best to your class!!

MaRLeNeF said...

Wow that's so awesome about your class!!! Great project :) xxx Marlene

Blue Banana said...

Wow!! This is totally awesome!! And I totally love your project!!

Sindy said...

Your students will definitely enjoy a good time learning scrapbooking from you!

shaggyfish said...

wow, great idea!
im sure their moms will treasure the gift!
all the best ya!

jazsutra said...

WOW!!! these definitely are beautiful!!!! all the best for your class ;)

hope to meet you up for coffee one day ;)