Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend madness.

I've been really depressed recently.
Dying to get a break from teaching but I can't!
My students' exams are around the corner and they're not as prepared as I expected.
Why is life soooo stressful?!!

Sorry friends if I've been turning down your requests to hang out.
I feel really bad, promise I'll make up for the time lost right after the mid year exams in May!

Just see how I spend my weekends.
I start teaching at 9 in the morning in the east till 2 and rush to the west to continue fighting the battle till 7 in the evening.
It's torturous.
Saturdays USED to be my favourite day of the week.
Ever since taking in at least twice the number of students this year, my saturdays turn into a full working day. Arrgghh.

Then I like Sundays.
Sunday is the ONLY day of the week where I can spend the whole day with the equally tired boyfriend.
We will attend church and have lunch with our church friends and go shopping or sit at a cafe and chat non stop about how our week has been.
And guess what?

It's now destroyed by additional classes for students for their upcoming exams!
I've never been more depressed.

Sorry for the rant. I really need an outlet to release those pent up emotions!

I see people my age wasting their time partying and getting drunk.
I see people my age hanging around jobless so that their parents can support them.

I am left feeling bitter.
I wish I can buy some time from them.
I've so many dreams I want to fulfil, yet little time to even start working on them.
Do pray for me, for the strength to carry on, for the zeal to succeed in what I set my eyes on.
Thanks for dropping by such a moody post.


Sindy said...

Hang in there Lynn!!

G said...

It will all get better. Leave it to HIM....take care

Tomoko said...

Yeah, I feel depressed too these days.. I'm having so much hard time raising my child these days. She screams a lot when she doesn't have attention.
Take care, Lynn. It will all be better:)


skyline said...

Hang in there babe!! I understand how you feel! My agony comes when my crazy exam scripts come's cyclical..after the madness comes the nice part - holidays! take care!!

Lynn said...

Thanks ladies!! For all the kind words..
I really need them so much right now..
And Tomoko, my heart goes out to you.
I can imagine how helpless you feel when kids cry and scream.
I'll keep you in my prayers dear! :)

jazsutra said...

Sending lots of hugs and love to you Lynn....;)

and your project is lovely. your drama queen page is STUNNING ;)


Blue Banana said...

Oh you poor thing. It will get better. Hang in there babe!

Lynn said...

Thanks Jaz and Irene!
I feel better after reading your lovely comments!
I'll persevere! :)

shaggyfish said...

sooon it will be over... sooon... their exams done! you can relax! sometimes as an educator u must also balance yr life to the needs of the students... is hard, easier to say than done! i cant do it most of the time because we want to help them, our hearts go to them... but u see, on the other perspective, they should be helping themselves more at the critical time of exam and they should also not leave it to last minute...
hahaha.. thats why as a student, when i prepare for exam... i tried not to depend so much on the teachers!

anyway... you try to give what u can, and also draw a line your limits... for eg.. i think if you not going to work on sunday! then u must not be soft, u must really set aside sunday for yourself, for God, for your family, friends n loved ones...!!!
wow... i said a lot, hahahaha... take care ya!

Lynn said...

Thanks Pooi for your kind advice!
Those are really words of wisdom which I guess I will learn as I go along.

I really appreciate it!
Thanks!! :)

Big Hugs!